Bucket List

I have been reading other people's blogs and i found out that lists have magic powers. People often get to accomplish a lot more if they note down and create a list of things they want to accomplish. I first decided to make a 30 before 30 list but then i thought about something for me. Therefore, the following is a list of things i want to have accomplish.
1. Learn how to drive
2. Own my dream car, a Toyota Prado VX, V8
3. Become a millionaire
4. Bungee Jump
5. Own a TV
6. Visit a children's home
7. Learn and practice letting go completely
8. Hold a secret, surprise and special day/ night for b/f
9. Visit Naivasha once again
10. Visit my friend in Kilifi, go to Meru or Nanyuki
11. Work for an organization i love and am passionate about
12. Buy a new carpet and new curtains, fridge and cooker for my house
13. Have pretty dresses tailored to perfection just for me
14. Take my nieces somewhere special
15. Do something spontaneously, without any kind of thinking whatsoever
16. Continue being an active blogger
17. Shop without limits
18. Visit a foreign country preferably Italy
19. Young money (explanation will come later)
20. Buy my mum a truly special gift
21. Have a consistent exercise plan (register for gym membership)
22. Road trip with my friends
23. Love without limits
24. Take Salsa dance classes
25. Learn Italian