Friday, 29 June 2012

To the Beach we goooooo.....

The sun!!!Sometimes I wonder why we all love the sun so much. Is it the warmth or the light or what is it about the sun. But, sometimes I just think its the light clothing and the showing of skin that we adore so much. It is therefore no brainer that many if not all chics love the summer. And more importantly, the fashion that comes with summer. So, without further ado, Friday Fancies with {av} at long distance loving is on. I am more of a one piece swim suit as opposed to bikinis. Don't get me wrong, I wear bikinis sometimes but I just feel more comfortable in one pieces. This set is so dedicated to me and the hope of some free time to go swimming or lounging by the beach. I hope that time comes soon. 
Beachy Chic

I love the cover-up, I chose in this set. So white and so cute. Hope you love it too. Cant wait to see your Friday Fancies. Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Its Ok to be Thankful on Thursday

Its Thursday and I have a list of stuff that I really want off my chest and some am really thankful for. So lets do this:
...that today was kind of a boring day
...that i found it difficult to get to my happy place which I value so much
...that I think I was just hungry
...that I ate fries to make myself feel better
...that I am so homesick

 ...for a b/f who cares so much
...that we get to spend so much time together
...that our baby business is growing so fast
...that my followers are gradually increasing and I might soon get to 50 (a girl can dream, right???)
...that I get to get off work early tomorrow to go to my parents' home
...that am so excited
...I've been thinking about this weekend for the whole week
...that am meeting wonderful bloggy friends and I love connecting with them
...that things are getting better, each day presents a new opportunity to feel better
...that am so in love
...for all the blessings in my life
...for this link-up

Its Ok Thursdays

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to Incorporate Yellow into Your Life

Today, I want to introduce you to the most gorgeous, brightest and beautiful colors on earth. I bet you already know it but you dont give it much attention. It is by far my favorite color and it is only fair to say that am obsessed!Lets hear it for YELLOW!!!

It does not matter what we are talking about, be it dresses, tops, shoes, interior decor, whatever: Yellow runs this place. I love the brightness and the sunshineness (is that a word???) of this color! Moreover, I think you can combine it with anything. But especially Grey. I dont know if its my love for Grey's Anatomy or otherwise but I think a combination of two of my most favorite things is a good Combo. So after much thought an analysis, I think my wedding's theme colors will be Yellow and Grey.

I digress!!,please forgive me. So I was talking about how Yellow can be combined with anything. Black, blue, purple, Green, Indigo (eeerrrr!!!) or any other colors that you might invent. I just love it and I welcome you on a joourney of how Yellow can be incorporated into your and my life!
1. To start a blog post. I laugh at myself right now!

2. Yellow dresses, wedges, pumps, all of it. And that blue bag goes really well with it.
 3. Blazer, with jeans and stripped top. Beautiful. Chevron, grey and yellow, YES!!!! Lacy dress in a very light shade of yellow is gorgeous too.

 4. And then there was Lace, Yellow Lace to be specific. And I fell in love. And we lived happily ever after!Nothing else to say!

5. Oh and just so you know, yellow is good for the house too. Just look at these accessories or beauties as I call them. Too awesome.
I think I'll just relax and admire everything in yellow. I love yellow. It brightens my days even when it is just on the internet. I hope you discover the power of Yellow. And by the way, Yellow is my guiding word for this year: to brighten mine and other people's lives and spread sunshine in our world.
The only way we can have more yellow right now is by listening to Coldplay's; yellow. That way our world would be complete. 
Love you and just so you know, I loved writing this post and I hope you enjoy reading it!
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Keep Calm and Smile

Not much to say today except that am thankful to be alive. Am thankful for getting to know all of you and for the joy you give me when we get to know each other.
Some fun ecards to make you smile

All the ladies out there feel me on this. When someone is coming over, cleaning seems to happen so much faster.

Self confidence. I like it!

Hahaha!Who does that???

Come back tomorrow for a peek into what makes me smile and which color goes with that smile.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Of Temples, Jeans and Nature Walks

My weekend was just cool!!Lots of walking around and seeing nature. On Saturday, I spent the day with my better half!We had a great morning and then I slept in the afternoon. Much needed rest. Did laundry in the evening and spent the night relaxing. Sunday was more eventful since I had to go take care of a family member. I hope she gets well soon. Here are some of the shots from the weekend!

1. Me, walking around in my b/fs tshirt and jeans. And a backpack too. Outside a Hindu temple in our town.
2. Seeing some of the beautiful buildings with gorgeous architecture in our town.
3. 4. 5. 6. Beautiful shots of nature. Just so you know, our town is a mix of urban and rural so I get to enjoy farm life just a few minutes from the town. I love living here!

                                                                  weekend update

Friday, 22 June 2012

The One Where I Couldn't Stay Away: Black & White

I could not resist. The deal was too good. That's me right there, I could not resist this challenge!I had to participate even if that meant two posts in one day!The first photo is of my niece, Crystal, so pretty. The second is of some flowers/leaves that I saw and had to capture. Black & White makes such beautiful photos. 

Block Party on Friday Fancies

I sometimes wish I were a billionaire so I could just order all the outfits I have created for Friday Fancies. This week, I started by choosing the accessories since that was easy. I wanted to create something colorful yet subtle. So, nude was an obvious choice. However, yellow is my favorite color. I choose many dresses for this outfit but I could not settle on them. Then, I saw this dress and I was like tada!!!!!! I love it and it makes use of my yellow and nude color choices. How much better could I have done. I love this combi n I hope someone else loves it as much as I do and gets it for me!!!! As always, linking up with {av} at Long Distance Loving.

color block


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Its Thursday and Its Ok to be Thankful

Am definitely pumped that this week is coming to an end. Thursday always makes me smile because it is so near Friday. Who wouldn't love Thursday??? So lets talk about a few things about this week...

Its OK
..To be totally exhausted by the end of each day
...To snooze the alarm for just ten more minutes miss my family so much eat the same food for three days in a row have a song on repeat over and over think that a day does not have enough hours (sometimes) wear the same pair of earrings the whole week

Am Thankful
..for a week full of business
..for the growth of a baby idea that me and b/f are nurturing
...for being alive to see the beauty in this wonderful life
...for being loved and for loving
..for beautiful texts before I sleep
...for bloggy friends 
..for fun link-ups
for life and all it brings

Its Ok Thursdays