Monday, 30 January 2012

Bubbly Expansion

I am an optimist. I believe in expecting the best and creating life on purpose. I actually enjoy being an optimist. It takes so little energy, in fact it gives you energy and drive to go through each day. This, compared to the stress and complications associated with negativity, i'd rather be an optimist everyday of my life.
I love when I wake up in the morning, and I consciously choose to smile. From this smile, I feel my heart fill up with warmth and appreciation of the beautiful life that God has blessed me with.
I know there are those things happening, that I do not like and might be associated with negativity. But, I chose to believe that God is using these things or people to bring me my dreams. Every situation, every person, I come across, is meant to make my days better. I may not see it, this very minute but later when the whole picture is in view, I sit back and see how everything played out perfectly. All I can say then is Thank you.

In line with this, every week, I choose a word that will guide me through. The word I choose symbolizes the kind of week I want to have. This week I choose "BUBBLE". To bubble also means to expand and to enjoy each moment of this expansion. This is the kind of week I want. I want my life to go beyond the boundaries that may exist. I also want to enjoy myself. When I let God run the shows, the only job left to me is to be HAPPY. I want my heart to be as light as a bubble and for me to spread my wings and fly.
I hope that someone will Bubble with me this week. And that this week will be the best they have experienced in a long time.
I love you and wish you a fabulous week.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Acceptance Speech

Two weeks ago, before my laptop keyboard decided to die and I had to put a break to blogging and all the work I do on it, my very sweet and awesome bloggie friend, Cherry from a day with me, awarded me my first blog award ever. I have since been feeling very bad and guilty for not writing a post about it and thanking her.

However, now that all is better and the laptop company decided to give it back to me, I am happy to announce that am so thankful to Cherry, not only for the award but also for her friendship on the blogosphere.

Now here goes my answers to the questions that accompany this award.

1. NAME YOUR FAVORITE SONG: I love music so much but my favorite song right now is Love on top by Beyonce aka Mama Ivy Blue. I also love Yellow by Coldplay.

2. NAME YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT: A blackforest cake will do for me.

3. WHAT TICKS ME OFF: When people are late. I like to keep time and so am very impatient with people who never keep time. I feel violated.

4. WHEN I'M UPSET I: If am around the person who made me upset,I shut down, like completely. No talking, no expression on my face, just blank. Then when I get some privacy, I cry. After that, I wipe my face clean, and start counting my blessings and from there I start feeling better.

5. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PET: I have never owned a pet, but I love dogs. One day, I will buy my own and spoil them with love.

6. BLACK OR WHITE: Both, I believe they go hand in hand. I once discovered that I had so many black tops and very few white ones. So, I decided that every time I go shopping, I would consciously choose white ones instead of taking the black ones which am more attracted to.

7. BIGGEST FEAR: Heights.

8. EVERYDAY ATTITUDE: Smile, you look so much better when you do, and, Live today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, just today. I have stickers of these in my house as reminders.

9. WHAT IS PERFECTION?Peace, joy, bliss, abundance and pure smiles and laughter. I also think that children are the equal measure of perfection in God's eyes.

10. GUILTY PLEASURE: Shopping, shopping and romantic comedies.


1. Am a holder of a first class honors degree in Music.

2. I love romantic comedies too much.

3. I am a hopeless romantic, as in I believe in fairy tales and happy endings.

4. I have never been single for more than six months since I was 16.

5. I love traveling but I have never done much of it.

6. I love watching English soccer. Actually, I know a lot about it and I am an avid Manchester United Fan.

7. I love dancing. I completely love dancing and sometimes this dissapoints my friends when we go out because, usually, I don't wanna get out of the dance floor and go home.

Thank you so much Cherry.

Monday, 9 January 2012

New baby, new beginnings and a recap of December

I know its been a really long time since I updated you on the goings on in my life. But here I am to do just that. I have to say that December was one of the busiest and most interesting months of last year for me.
First, my dearest cousin/sister (I call her my sister because our fathers are twins and so we are very close), gave birth to the most beautiful girl. This was on 5th and her name is Crystal. She is awesomely pretty and so loveable. That was the beginning of a great month.
Second, I started and quit a new job within the same month. I started on the 15th and quit on 21st after discovering that it was not what I was looking for. Nothing more to say on that. I then went to visit my parents for the entire Christmas time, had awesome fun and now am back to my normal life.
Did I even tell you that am single?? Don't even get me started on that but I will you in as life continues to unfold.
Now there you have it, an update on what is happening in my life right now.
I think I forgot to mention that I am Happy!!!!!Have a great week ahead.
Love you!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Relax and Enjoy

Most of us just take life too seriously. Its the Weekend and for heavens' sake, just take time to relax and enjoy the beauty of life.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Fancies: Shoes {and am back}

Hi my people? its 2012 already and am totally back. Am sorry for the long silence but the holidays kind of took center stage in my life and I had no access to the internet. Anyway am back and happy to start the year with Friday Fancies with {av} from long distance loving. Hope you enjoy.


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