Thursday, 21 July 2011

Just Because...

Sometimes it is good to do something 'just because'.
Life is not so complicated as we often think, it is very simple.
I know is sometimes forget to see life for its simplicity.
I try to make too much sense out of things that are actually not supposed to make sense.
I know you do too,
Over thinking situations,
Doing post-postmortems that are unnecessary.
Often times, we are the losers in such situations.

A shabby looking guy says hi to a cute girl in the city
This girl came out of her house dressed to impress.
Attention was not what she was looking for,
But some would be awesome,
But this attention had to come from someone worthy of her,
At least from someone that the beautiful lady thought worthy.
So when the attention came from a shabby looking dude,
One who was farthest from the worthy person that the girl was looking for,
The Over thinking gear was suddenly put into action,
Questions, too many that the girl ended up felling terrible,
Why would such a man notice me? Why would he even comment on my outfit?
Does he not see that i am different from me?
He is way out of my league?

Why not just accept the comment 'just because'
Why not appreciate that at least there was someone who noticed us
Why not see that the man meant well,
In fact the comment was positive and at least it was not criticism,

I promise me to sometimes do things 'just because'
Without having to justify things to myself or to others.
At least, then i will know that i had fun and did not tire my small head,
With useless questions and stupid post-postmortems.
Please try to do the same.

Kisses n love ya.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Where there is hope, there is Life.

Today, hope is what keeps me alive, for a better tomorrow, for a better life.
Hope is all I got.

Monday, 18 July 2011

The Weekend

I know the weekend is one of the most popular words amongst the human race. We all spend a lot of time during the week thinking or talking about the weekend. I love the weekend and i know you do too.
What did i do this weekend? Can i really remember? Let me see

Saturday: Spent the whole day on the internet. Took a shower at around 5.30pm, cooked and spent the evning with Mr. b/f.

Sunday: Woke up at around 11.00 am. Watched an episode of 'Life Unexpected'. I got a call from a sweet sis in law who hates staying alone. Took a shower and immediately became useful. Spent the afternoon with an amazing girl/new mom and the cutest baby ever (Leon). It was his one month birthday and we had total fun.

Point of Note: My sweetest and closest, almost like a sister, cousin is 22 weeks pregnant and i cant wait to see her belly grow and eventually hold a sweet baby. I love you baby even when you are still in your mommy's tummy. Can' wait to be an auntie for another time.

Finally:  I think and feel that the weekend was nice and thank you to the universe and all those who made it great. Love it.
Kisses n love ya.
Emmy/ Millie

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Is it possible to know someone too well

As we go through our day to day experiences, we meet new people and they become part of the large network of people we know. In the modern world, knowing people does not necessarily involve face to face interaction as the internet offers an opportunity to interact with people without having to meet them face to face.

For me, this is just an interaction and it may end after the first few minutes of meeting. However, KNOWING someone takes time and i believe it is a continuous process that will never end. I know its possible to know someone very well. For example, i can confidently say that i know my b/f pretty well. Just hearing his voice on the phone can tell me whether he is angry or happy. I can assess a certain situation and know exactly how he will react to it. Even before telling him something, i know whether he will like it or not. Knowing someone i this way takes time and some kind of commitment.
But one thing is for sure, there is no knowing someone too well. As life progresses, each person is faced with new situations and they may change. Therefore, you have to know that person all over again depending on the circumstances they face. In fact, this mystery is what makes the process of knowing someone so interesting. I think it is a good thing that it is not possible to know someone too well.
Kisses n love ya,

Friday, 15 July 2011

One thing that am really proud of

As we grow up, we have certain dreams that we wish to accomplish in our lives. Some of these dreams come true as we go by but some fall away and we even forget about them. For me, one of those dreams was to graduate from college and not only graduate but with a first class honors.

This is why the 12th Dec, 2010 was one of the best days of my life. Those who say that dreams do not come true are liars because for sure, dreams do come true. I did graduate and i did it with a first class honors. Seeing the pride that my parents, my siblings, extended family, b/f and all other friends had for me made me so happy.

Wearing that gown and enjoying all the attention i got, was so great. Everyone should at one point in their lives experience that. And this is why my graduation day, is one day that i will always be proud of.
Kisses n love ya.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Momma Thursday!!!

As some of you know, i decided to start my own blog tradition where every Thursday would be dedicated to my momma. Last week i thanked my mom for carrying me for nine months and delivering me. Today, i want to move a notch higher. I have had the experience of seeing three nieces and one nephew being born when am around and i know that the first few weeks after birth are very stressful for the mother. About three weeks ago, my nephew Leon was born. I know it was hard for his mom because when we tried to change him, we were so afraid of the umbilical cord that we had to call a nurse to teach us how to change a diaper.
Being the firstborn in our family, i know my mom had the same problems. The fear, the lack of knowledge, the expectations from people around; i know it is hard.
But mom, you were there for me, you took it all in and learned through experience. You took great care of me during these first weeks such that i got no infections or problems. You were there when i made even the simplest noise. You looked at me, smiled at me even when my eyes could see nothing and i had not learnthow to smile.
For all this and more that you did for me, I SALUTE YOU my dear Momma. I love you so much.
Image from Google images.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Update on the life of Living Alone

So its been almost a month since i moved into my new apartment and the most notable part is that i live alone. From ten months of living with b/f to living alone, the transition has amazed me. (Please note that me and b/f are still together and moving to a better future marriage.)
So i thought that i would find it very difficult living alone because i have never done that ever. In fact, i have always been the kind of person who cannot sleep in a room alone. When i was a teenager and my parents were not there and i was left alone, i would either go to my grandma's house or tell my parents to call one of their friends' daughters to come stay with me. However, as i grew older, i knew that i had to live alone at a point in my life. And that time came about one month ago.
The most amazing fact is that i can actually sleep, very well in fact. When living with my b/f and he was away, i had very bad nights and thought i could never sleep without him, But interestingly, i sleep very well.
For me, the best part of living alone are the evenings. I miss my b/f and all but i love the feeling of choosing whichever way i spend the evening. I choose whatever movie i want, listen to whatever music i want at whatever volume i want. Some evenings are spent blogging without any disruptions. I really like the freedom of choosing whatever, i want to eat. If i wonna cook, i do it. If i wanna spend an entire hour in the bathroom, i do exactly that. However, i really miss cooking for someone else, especially one who enjoys my cooking. All in all, the experience has been great and the only way to go is forward. For all girls out there, afraid of moving out of their parents' homes or living alone, there is nothing to fear. Take the step and know that living alone teaches you things you would never have known if you lived with other people.
Kisses n love ya.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Write your own story

Life is a book that requires each person to write their own story and fill in the pages. The book is given to us when we are born. In the first few years, our parents or guardians are the ones who write the story for us, leading and guiding us thru life. They give us a certain direction that they want us to follow but as soon as we become of age, the pen is handed to us.
However, what amazes me most is that we still continue to let others write our story or just assume that we do not have control over what happens in our lives. For me, there are moments that i have allowed others to write my story. Take for example, when i allow a simple public transport agent to ruin my day for not stopping the vehicle at the right to stop. I get angry and walk to the house feeling those ish ish bad feelings that we all hate so much. I might even break a glass while cooking in the kitchen just because of the bad vibes in me following such a small incident. I allow a stranger to ruin my day and evening. In such a situation, i give someone i barely know the right to write my story. I would have wanted my story of the day to end up happy but it ends sadly because i gave my pen to someone else.
So, why let someone else write your story. The pen is yours, the book is yours. If its a love story you want, then write it. If its an adventure story you want, write it. And just know that you have the power to write your life story. Make it as interesting as possible and enjoy life with me.
Kisses n looking forward to hearing interesting stories, written by interesting writers.
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Monday, 11 July 2011


"The best feeling is when you look at him and he is already staring"

This is one of those posts that you really think about before posting. But after much consideration, i think that there is nothing cliche about writing about love. After all, it is the most powerful thing in the world. Love opens doors and windows that never existed before. Love is so great. 
I am a fan of love, i Love Love, if that's not too cliche. There is a moment when one realizes that love is for real. This is only when one experiences it for real. For me, these moments come frequently but they are very close to my heart. One example of this is the inside jokes. These only come after you have known someone fro so long. You definitely get so close that you find some things that just click with the two of you. All it takes to share such a joke is just a look. For me and my bf, one look is enough to make us start laughing endlessly. The joke may not be funny to others but to us, it is. I love these moments. They help reassure ,me that the connection i have with him is not ordinary but so special. 
I love you baby, i'll introduce you to my blog readers soon. Kisses.
Just saying, am so loving J-lo these days, story for another day. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Why? Heart or mind??

Today i find myself in a precarious situation trying to answer one of those questions that do not have answers. I really do not understand human beings (of course me included). Why do we choose to follow our heads when our hearts say something different? First of all, which of the two organs is to be trusted? Is is the heart which gets so emotional or is it the mind which helps in over thinking simple situations? I have often found myself in situations where my heart tells me that something is right but my head (my small head) tells me that i should not follow that route. My mind really leads me into being proud and stubborn. While these characteristics are not so bad, at times they make me loose sight of the real life. On the other hand, the heart usually tells me to go for what i want, at the time i want it. My heart tells me that i should be with someone when i feel like it but my mind tells me that i should hold out a little bit more. Now, these crossroads are so many. And i continue to wonder, is it the heart or is the mind that is should use in order to live life perfectly. I still question me and i seek answers. Is it the heart or is it the mind??
Kisses n love ya.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Specialized care

Have you ever had someone give you specialized care? This is the kind of care that meets your specific needs. It is not about meeting the generalized needs of a number of people but specifically meeets your needs. Well, one of those things happened to me yesterday. I went to the salon and the lady i found there gave me specialized care. The most amazing thing about her is that she has to take care of numerous clients everyday but she gives specialized care to each one of them. It is not about satisfying all customers, it is about satisfying each customer according to their needs.
I wonder how the world would be if each one of us was given/gave each other specialized care. It wuld be so amazing because everyone would be satisfied with the kind of care they are getting. I aspire to be the kind of person who gives specialized care to my friends, my family and to each person i meet. I hope you do the same.
Kisses and love ya!!

Friday, 8 July 2011

I love me...

Of late, i have really changed and its time to appreciate mi. Today is one of those days that one is so hopeful that they have no worries. I know other people might say that worrying and stress are part of being realistic but i think thats just crap. Those bad things are all our choices and they only make our lives more miserable. Therefore, let me just appreciate myself today, (not in a selfish way but just open and honest way.
1) I appreciate that i am so patient. A few months ago, i could not wait for anything or anyone for even ten minutes. Now am more patient with myself and with others.
2) I appreciate that am so loving. I have so much love to offer, to me and to others. I will not withhold the love i feel for others just to prove a point. Without love, this world would be nowhere.
3)I appreciate that am living in abundance, of peace, of love, joy and everything i want.
So for me, this friday is dedicated to me for making conscious changes to make my life better. Thank you for all who make it better and richer.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Momma Thursday!!!

From this day forward, thursday posts will be about my mom. I will find some things that she has done for me and i will be grateful for her. For without her, i would have never come to this earth and experienced the love that is abundant while living here.
Today, as a start, am thankful to my mum for giving birth to me. It was a decision that she made that she wanted a child and made the choice to make one. I know, there are many people who get pregnant but decide not to keep the baby, but you mum decided that you would keep me. Each day of those nine months, you went through the challenges of carrying a baby. The morning sickness, aching joints, confused appetite, nausea and all those problems that pregnant women go thru. Also, you went through the highs of being pregnant, the expectation of having your firts child, the joy of carrying it in your belly.
And finally, after nine months, on that 8th day of April, you gave birth to me. Your first child, a girl and you gave me a chance to live. The pain no longer mattered because you had won the race. And from this day forward, you chose to love me.
Thank you Mama for choosing to give birth to me.
I love you now and will always will.
Kisses n happy momma Thursday.
image from Google images.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Baby Fever!!!

 Talk about being bitten by the bug, and definitely i think that bug bit really hard. Am proud (should i be?)to say that av finally caught the baby fever. For those who do not understand this kind of fever, its a stage in a woman's life when she can't stop thinking about how babies are cute. Another symptom of this fever is wanting to smile at every pregnant woman, smiling at every baby on the street and finally wanting a baby of her own. But wait, am only 24, isn't that too early to catch this fever? I really don't know.
The fever was so strong this week that i decided to go visit my newest nephew. His name is Leon and he is the most handsome baby ever. So sweet and so innocent. He is almost three weeks but i couldn't take a picture of him coz i forgot the camera. I held him for so long and had a hard time letting him go. So sweet and cuddly, you could eat him. One thing i think makes women catch this fever is the cuteness of baby's clothes. Everywhere i go i seem to notice baby's clothes. And they are all so cute, i want to buy all of them. Anyway, i hope this fever dies down until am ready to have my own. But to all the mothers out there, am happy for you and love your babies coz they make this world so sweet and make me wanna have my own.
Kisses n love ya!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy new week/ new month

Its official, July is here and already starting to minus its days. I can't believe how fast this year is going. Its as if time has stopped and days are just flying by.I know for some people, mondays are the worst days. But i really think its just the mentality that was impressed upon us from when we were young. Its a new week and for me that's reason enough to be happy.

My belief is that when we have something to look forward to, everyday will seem like the happiest day of our lives. The word new makes so much sense because it symbolizes a clean slate. A new day means that each one of us has the opportunity to start afresh. Another chance to be happy. So please enjoy this month and this new week as it is an opportunity to enrich your life. Smile, inside and outside as it is the gateway to a beautiful heart!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hooray, its Saturday.....

I know, we all spend sometime during the week thinking about Saturday. For me, Saturday represents the day that i do not work but spend a lot of time cleaning my house. Today, i woke up ans soaked the bedsheets but i have not gotten myself to go wash them. I keep thinking about my blog. To add salt to injury, i really miss my bff, she was sent to work on the other side of the country and i have not seen her in like 3 months now. Oh my, how i miss her. So am thinking of going to see her as soon as possible.

The best part about visiting her is that she works in one of the favorite vacation destinations ion Kenya. (KILIFI). Look at that photo, its so cool. I can't wait to go visit her. It will not only be a visit to my bff, but also a holiday for me. 
Oh, i know i was talking about Saturday but look at that scenery. I want and i want now. But first, let me go wash the bed sheets and clean up my house because its Saturday. Enjoy yours.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Marriage, who, what, how, when????

I have been thinking about this issue so much lately. I think its the society's code of conduct that says that a woman who has finished college, has a steady boyfriend, should be thinking about marriage. And, boy, i have been thinking about it so much lately. The problem is that i have not found the answers to the questions i have. First, when should one marry? at what age? after what happenings or achievements? Second, who between the girl and the boy decides its time to get married.
Picture this, you've been in a relationship for three years, going to the fourth one. You love each other and have experimented on almost everything. Your friends say that you are a great couple and you can feel that you are.
Now the biggest question, Is it time? Is it the guy's responsibility to ask the girl for marriage? and what if the guy has no clue and the girl decides to ask? I really don't get it, what should be happening and what should happen? Am usually good with answers but these questions continue to puzzle my mind. Please answer me? I need to know!!!


You know how yesterday i woke up almost feeling down and low, the day did not end like that. With all the sunshine and the beauty of the day, i started to psyche myself up after i discovered there was no use in feeling down. But still, i couldn't bring myself to start on the job i had. So the first hours of the morning were spent blogging and looking stuff up on the net. But the morale soon started to trickle in. When i started writing the report, i could not stop. I kept thinking to myself, where did all this morale come from. But i knew the answer to that, It came from inside me. I worked so hard and almost finished the job. I could not believe myself but i had done it. I then watched a movie (Our Family Wedding, so funny) n then went to bed at around 11 pm. I slept feeling great about myself and i have woken up feeling the same. Am so grateful for my accomplishments. It is true that we can achieve what we want, if only the willingness and passion comes from the inside. We all have the potential to be whatever we want, but all that will always remain as potential if we do not feel it on the inside. So, lets start feeling better on the inside, then our hearts, hands, legs and mind will take us to places we never imagined. Love ya!!