Thursday, 21 July 2011

Just Because...

Sometimes it is good to do something 'just because'.
Life is not so complicated as we often think, it is very simple.
I know is sometimes forget to see life for its simplicity.
I try to make too much sense out of things that are actually not supposed to make sense.
I know you do too,
Over thinking situations,
Doing post-postmortems that are unnecessary.
Often times, we are the losers in such situations.

A shabby looking guy says hi to a cute girl in the city
This girl came out of her house dressed to impress.
Attention was not what she was looking for,
But some would be awesome,
But this attention had to come from someone worthy of her,
At least from someone that the beautiful lady thought worthy.
So when the attention came from a shabby looking dude,
One who was farthest from the worthy person that the girl was looking for,
The Over thinking gear was suddenly put into action,
Questions, too many that the girl ended up felling terrible,
Why would such a man notice me? Why would he even comment on my outfit?
Does he not see that i am different from me?
He is way out of my league?

Why not just accept the comment 'just because'
Why not appreciate that at least there was someone who noticed us
Why not see that the man meant well,
In fact the comment was positive and at least it was not criticism,

I promise me to sometimes do things 'just because'
Without having to justify things to myself or to others.
At least, then i will know that i had fun and did not tire my small head,
With useless questions and stupid post-postmortems.
Please try to do the same.

Kisses n love ya.

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