Monday, 1 August 2011

So long Grandma...

I know those who read my blog have been wondering what happened to me because i have not written in over a week. Well, am back.
The reason for not writing was that my sweetest grandma passed away on 21st July, 2011. It has been a difficult week for me and my family. She was 95 years old but it was still so difficult to let her go. 
For me, i never thought that she would be gone any time soon. I cherished her and wished to see her on my wedding day.
But now, she is gone. I have come to accept this reality and am trying to let her go since it was her time to rest. So sweet grandma Virginia, Rest In Peace and may your laughter and great advice guide us as we let you go and start a new page of life without seeing you physically. But you will always be in our hearts, now and forever more.
Till we meet again, So long Grandma.

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