Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday Fancies: Date Night

Now that its Friday and me and my b/f are getting along so well, what would be a better idea than to go out on a date. Am sure I would enjoy it as it would give me a chance to dress up and get all dolled up. I love the color of this dress and the shape and everything about it. I think its totally sexy and am sure he would think so too. Linking up with {av} at  long distance loving as usual for Friday Fancies.

date night

Enjoy the weekend my loves.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What am Loving today

Its midweek already and that means that the countdown to the weekend is on. Today, instead of pinning some beautiful Pinterest finds, I decided to just write about the things that are making me happy this week. I know I have said this in many other posts but I just have to say it again. Sometime, it is just awesome to sit down and look for things that are making you smile, making you laugh or just keeping you peaceful.
So without further ado, these are the things that am loving right now:

1. Am loving the rains. I got rained on yesterday and I know I should be sad but am appreciating the change in weather. Its good fro me but it is even better for the farmers who are planting right now all around Kenya.

2. Am loving that am taking my driving test tomorrow and I know am gonna do very well. I always wanted to learn driving and now I have. Funny enough, I love. Cant wait to have my car and drive it. I love that its been so much fun.

3. Am loving the time we've been spending with my b/f. Watching soccer, laughing, watching movies, cooking and just fooling around. Am loving that we miss each other when we are apart. Am loving that we are enjoying each other so much more.

4. Am loving time spent with my best friend. I love understanding one another and sharing things that we could not share with anyone else.

5. Am loving that the stats on my blog have gone up noticeably over the recent past. I love it when people read random things I write. I appreciate you my readers.

6. Am loving my life in general right now. Am loving how I am capable of soothing myself when things don't go as expected. Am loving how I easily get to see the good in everything.

7. Am loving ME. Just being Millie, everything about me.

8. Am loving this quote;

Love you.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday Inspiration

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was awesome and I had some fun, not too much neither too little. Just enough. Not much to say today.
Leaving you with a picture of my gorgeous niece. Her name is Crystal and am in love with her!

Its impossible not to love those gorgeous eyes. Hope you have a great week ahead!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday Fancies: Primped for a Picnic

I love the sunshine. I love the way it shines on green grass and makes it look so beautiful. No wonder, I love picnics. Just laying a mat on the grass and enjoying the sun and the beauty of nature. I would totally be up for a picnic right now since the weather looks so fine. The outfit I chose for this week's Friday Fancies totally tickles my heart and makes me wanna go shopping right now. Linking up with {av} at long distance loving and hope you enjoy!
primped for a picnic

Enjoy your Weekend people!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Of Busy days, Changing Moods and Sleepy Evenings

Oh my, where do I start?
Do I start with waking up at 7.30? (too early according to me)
Or should I just start with spending the whole day moving around with b/f trying to organize a new business?
Or should I start with cooking, feeling sleepy and changing moods?
Ok, now you know what I want to write about.

Today I woke up at around 7.30 which I believe is too early, I like to sleep in. Did some work up until 11 and I was a little bored. But a few hugs and kisses later, I was feeling all better.

Next, b/f and his dad are starting a new business next month and am offering a little bit  lots of help and we had to meet with some advisers today. Talked a lot and laughed a lot too. I really enjoyed the meetings and I can say am actually very well informed about this business. Then went to meet with b/f's dad and I can only say am delighted that we get along so well. He is a good man, definitely thankful for him.

Oh, now, am just sitted here on the bed, writing this post, feeling all so sleepy. Am so tired and I am very very sleepy. I am actually dozing off but I tried and updated you on whats going on. Hope you enjoyed your day and see you soon my lovelies!

Oh my, I forgot to tell you about my constantly changing moods. Oh God, am worried. Am smiley and all excited this minute and in 2 minutes, am sad and all teary. Yesterday, I almost cried at my driving lesson. The teachers were all complicated and telling me stuff and trying to convince me that am gonna fail my driving test next week. But anyway, am over that and am sure I will do excellently in that test. If anyone has a solution to fluctuating moods, please help me lovelies.
Ok, bye now!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Am having some ups and downs this week but I only see this as part of the journey. The journey to a happier place. The place that we all want to get to. However, there have also been moments of fleeting joy and oh so much laughter and happiness. Moments of watching football with b/f and the boys and enjoying it so much. Those are the moments I realize that I have it. The happiness that many search for. The contentment. I have it in my heart and I am grateful. Linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple. Enjoy and join us if you can!

The shoes are really pretty and I want them. The color scheme in that house is beautiful and am really craving chicken right now. Am really into baking but I have never made it happen. Its one of those dreams that I want to come true real soon. Thats the deal with the baking pins this week.
All images via Pinterest

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

If we went for Coffee Today


Loved it, a little tired but doing well,
Hope you had a good day too,
Been long since we've talked.
Coffee tastes great and am happy that you are here.
I have missed doing something with you.
Its good to know that you took time to come,
Am grateful for you!

If we were to have coffee today, I would have such little to say.
Am just having a quiet time here.
In real life, its not that quiet. Driving lessons, time with in-laws, lots of walking around, stall at work.
Lots has been going on but over here am taking it easy.
Here, I choose to take it easy. I choose to enjoy time here and listen to the silence in the blogworld.
But tomorrow, it is a new day. Mid-week, Infact.Maybe some noise but not guaranteed.
Love you and it was fun having coffee with you!
Lets wait for Wednesday!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Awesome in Pastel

Its Friday again and am so grateful for a fun week filled with blessings. Now, am really funked to introduce this week's Friday Fancies week because the colors kill me. They are so beautiful and soft and cool. I love these outfits and hope you enjoy them. Linking up with {av} as usual at long distance loving.
Awesome in Pastel

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Letters to My Future Husband #5

Dear {FH}:
Hello Darling? I know its been quite a while since I wrote to you. Its Ok anyway because am doing so now. Today, I have been thinking about our wedding day. I have been thinking about the kind of gown that I want to wear on this day. I have been thinking about whether it will be an indoor or outdoor wedding. I thought that maybe we can have a church wedding in the morning and an outdoor reception in the afternoon. (This way I can get to wear heels in the morning and wedges in the afternoon). Oh, Darling, I digress. I digress.

As I was thinking, the most important thing that came to my mind is the look in your eyes as I walk down the aisle. Sweetie, if I have said there is anything more beautiful, then I was lying. Your eyes glow in a way that I have never seen before. It is not passion, it is not happiness, it is not fun or enthusiasm. It is a mix of all these things. It is a look that I cant quite describe. But, the word that comes closest to this is Bliss. Pure Bliss.

Honey, I think about loads of things. I wonder where you are but thoughts such as these remind me that you are real and that its just a matter of time. To be exact, its a matter of perfect timing. I just turned 25 last weekend, (you missed my birthday by the way) and I was a little worried because I do not even know who you are. I though that if I have never met you, then it may take a lot of time before we get to know each other and then get hitched.

However, another thought struck me. We do not need time my darling. When we meet, we'll know it. Its not like something that will need scientific experiments or discoveries. Its a communication between the hearts and I already think that our souls are connected. Thus, it is not a matter of time. It is a matter of the hearts. It is a matter of allowing and enjoying and laughing and having fun together. Our wedding day remains etched in my mind and I hold onto the look on your face as I go through the days.
I love you so much darling and I miss you love. Come to me soon.

{FW, Millie}

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Swooning over Pinterest Finds

The week is already half-way, no complains from this side, just noticing how fast the days are moving. This week i've been feeling kind of lethargic and sleepy all the time. I cannot seem to figure out what the hell is happening to my body. Or am I just lazy?I don't think so.
Anyway, just like any other girl, am constantly thinking about new clothes, shoes and accessories that would spice up my life. I think buying a new piece of clothing would ease the lethargic feeling am having right now. I know, I know, thats just an excuse to go shopping. But since, I cannot do that right now, I choose to swoon over cute pieces on Pinterest and hope they magically drop into my closet.

Who wouldn't want to wear this cute skirt. Its too gorgeous.

I love my jeans. I probably live in jeans,so this board gives me an idea of how to change my jeans looks.
Oh, my God. Ok, OMG. I totally love this combination. Its so ME.

I love this dress. So simple, yet so beautiful!

I love scarfs and this is the ultimate guide to wearing them.
All images via Pinterest