Thursday, 19 April 2012

Of Busy days, Changing Moods and Sleepy Evenings

Oh my, where do I start?
Do I start with waking up at 7.30? (too early according to me)
Or should I just start with spending the whole day moving around with b/f trying to organize a new business?
Or should I start with cooking, feeling sleepy and changing moods?
Ok, now you know what I want to write about.

Today I woke up at around 7.30 which I believe is too early, I like to sleep in. Did some work up until 11 and I was a little bored. But a few hugs and kisses later, I was feeling all better.

Next, b/f and his dad are starting a new business next month and am offering a little bit  lots of help and we had to meet with some advisers today. Talked a lot and laughed a lot too. I really enjoyed the meetings and I can say am actually very well informed about this business. Then went to meet with b/f's dad and I can only say am delighted that we get along so well. He is a good man, definitely thankful for him.

Oh, now, am just sitted here on the bed, writing this post, feeling all so sleepy. Am so tired and I am very very sleepy. I am actually dozing off but I tried and updated you on whats going on. Hope you enjoyed your day and see you soon my lovelies!

Oh my, I forgot to tell you about my constantly changing moods. Oh God, am worried. Am smiley and all excited this minute and in 2 minutes, am sad and all teary. Yesterday, I almost cried at my driving lesson. The teachers were all complicated and telling me stuff and trying to convince me that am gonna fail my driving test next week. But anyway, am over that and am sure I will do excellently in that test. If anyone has a solution to fluctuating moods, please help me lovelies.
Ok, bye now!

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