Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Am having some ups and downs this week but I only see this as part of the journey. The journey to a happier place. The place that we all want to get to. However, there have also been moments of fleeting joy and oh so much laughter and happiness. Moments of watching football with b/f and the boys and enjoying it so much. Those are the moments I realize that I have it. The happiness that many search for. The contentment. I have it in my heart and I am grateful. Linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple. Enjoy and join us if you can!

The shoes are really pretty and I want them. The color scheme in that house is beautiful and am really craving chicken right now. Am really into baking but I have never made it happen. Its one of those dreams that I want to come true real soon. Thats the deal with the baking pins this week.
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