Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Facts of Me

Its been a long time since I blogged.
I miss it, a lot but I cant seem to get it done.
We lost our camera and that has taken a toll on my blogging..
And then there are some other good things going on and I cant share them with you yet..so I just find myself kind of in a block...
But anyway, lets explore a little about me...
-I trip a lot, I dont know whats-up with that. My hubby sometimes holds my hand as we cross the road as he says I might trip and fall at the center of the road.
-These days am a crazy sleeper. I sleep everywhere and anywhere, and I start dreaming in like 2 seconds.I even sleep on my desk at work and start dreaming like immediately.
-Am obsessed with mangoes right now. I've already eaten three and its only 11 a.m.
-I love reality TV, Giuliana & Bill, Tia & Tamera, The Bachelor are some of my favorites.
-Am good at keeping secrets. I never tell, like never.
-I think I'll never use my degree...
-I dont like drinking plain milk..I have to add chocolate or something
-I do love food, but I dont eat as much as I would like.
-My hubby loves pork and I love it too but he is kinda obsessed and we almost always disagree on what kind of meat to buy. His choice=pork always.
-I think I've come to the end of my facts.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Currently and Thankful Thursday

Am currently:
Missing my mum and the entire family. The holidays were so good so its not abnormal to suffer from a little homesickness.
Thinking about the year ahead. There are so many projects going on in my life right now and I cant wait to see them come to fruition. I can only pray for the best.
Considering eating some fish. I just miss that taste. Must make it happen soonest.
Loving my hubby. He has been super caring this year and am getting used to it. Am totally loving it.

Am thankful for:
-health...I never say this enough but am so grateful for a healthy body.
-My two families.
-Chilli sauces(am loving pepper these days)
-My sister(she is absolutely the best)
-my smart phone(which I actually don't own but hope to get soonest)
-all of you and your lovely comments that I love so much.
-the sunshine..its really sunny around here.
The Fontenot Four
What are you Thankful for???

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Talk to Each Other

It is a New Year, that for sure I understand very clearly.
But I don't understand why I've been slacking when it comes to blogging!
I really don't.
It is also hard to understand why it has been difficult getting my creative juices flowing this year..
I think am still in the holiday mood...
Today I just wanted to talk about how silent we've become
We have stopped saying the things we need to say!
I sometimes think it is because we have found other outlets that allow us to let out our feelings...
We no longer talk to the people that matter
I am a victim of this in some ways...
Instead of telling my family or a friend how happy I am or expressing my joys and pains, I say it here on the blog.
It gives me joy to share it here but the relationships I have with those that matter are neglected..
We use Facebook, Twitter and other means to share what is on our minds, instead of saying it to our husbands and wives..
We forget that exclamation marks and smileys can never replace the excitement on someone's face when we share some exciting news!
I just want us to talk some more
Talk to each other, face each other, smile, laugh, cry and listen to each other...
This way, we will keep the joy of human relationships..
We will enjoy our conversations more..
And life will be more satisfying...

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

It feels like its been too long since I've written here,
But a break is always helpful..
And it was Christmas, so all sorts of excuses are acceptable.
Anyway, am here to say how thankful I am for this New Year.
There are many who may have wanted to see it but didn't..
Am thankful for one thing that I cant talk about right now....but something so special and exciting.
Am thankful for family...the holidays were perfect because of all of you
Am thankful for a beautiful year ahead..
One full of blessings,love and joy
One filled with little surprises and bundles of joy
A year of success, fun, laughter and many many hugs and kisses...
Thank you and Cheers to 2013!

The Fontenot Four