Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Oh, How we Must Pin and Pin and some more pinning

Today is beautiful Wednesday but more importantly the extra day that we get in a course of 5 years. I hope you make use of it. As for me just some pinning and linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple. Join us please. Love you.


Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

The most hilarious of all is the iHat: how would someone even begin making that let alone wearing it. Anyway, I still love it and I laughed when I saw it.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Glammed up for the Oscars

What more could a woman ask for?? A $10,000 gown, gorgeous accessories and a ready red carpet. {av} at Long distance loving surely killed it this time. The theme is amazing and for me, this set right here speaks volumes. I love everything about the gown, its sexy yet classy and so gorgeous. Am drooling right now. Hope you like it too and link-up with us for Friday Fancies.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Oh how Pinteresting Wednesday

Its been so very very long since I linked up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple. So today am back and enjoying it.


Source: via Millie on Pinterest

Sorry for the inclusion of a cute guy in a totally fashion dominated Wednesday, but couldn't resist. Too hot and the ring, ooooooooooooh, my eyes are popping.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Recap of last week:-50 things am grateful for

Today, I have really been thinking about what to write about. I woke up in a very good mood and I have been feeling really awesome throughout the day. So, after the aforementioned deep thinking, I came up with the idea of making a list of the things I am grateful for now and also in the last week. Think of this as a continuation of my post on gratitude. I love lists and so incorporating them into the blog seems like a good idea. Drum roll please, we start at 50 going down to 1:
#50: The couch, what would I do without you
#49: Electricity: Oh yes, powers all the machines and the lighting, amazing
#48: Water: It is life after all
#47: My bed: the comfort of sleeping in it is amazing
#46: The pillows and all the beddings;; only makes it more comfortable
#45: My hair, just did it over the weekend and it looks fabulous
#44: Bathroom, clean and private, i like it
#43: People, I love people
#42: Phones
#41: Calls that last an hour or just several minute but cheer me up
#40: Texts; sweet little ones
#39: The internet; how else would I be her
#38: Being literate; knowing that there are millions out there who aren't.
#37: Nice bras: yes they hold the boobs up
#36: Bloggie friends, who comment and cheer me on
#35: Blogs: gives me something to read and keep me informed
#34: All the applications and programs on my computer, makes things easy
#33: Pictures; they capture life
#32: Google, yes am thankful for you
#31: Teddy bears, they keep me company when am alone in the house
#30: Living alone: the freedom and the space
#29: Radios
#28: Music, oh how I love you
#27: Movies, actors and actresses: you keep me busy when I need company or entertainment
#26: Lady Antebellum: I love your music, your voice and your creativity
#25: Having a kitchen
#24: All the utensils, plates, cups, knives, cutlery etc..
#23: Calendars: they keep us on track
#22: Handbags: as a woman, what would I do without you
#21: Writers, authors, poets: I appreciate what you do
#20: Curtains and doors, maintains the privacy
#19: Cosmetics, lotions, powder, soaps etc
#18: Clothes: jeans, tops, dresses and all
#17: Shoes: I could not forget thee
#16: Cooking: I love making delicious meals
#15: Towels and blankets
#14: All the companies that provide services to me
#13: Neighbors
#12: Babies, I love their innocence and smell
#11: Scents: sweet ones
#10: Love, loving and being loved
#9: Friends who I cherish
#8: Swimming
#7: Health, I can dance around, my heart is beating and everything is working properly
#6: My house, I love you
#5: Food, sleeping on a full tummy everyday
#4: My parents and the whole extended family- love you so much
#3: My best friend
#2: Breathing
#1: Am ALIVE: what more could I ask for
I have also decided to link up with The good life for Monday Listicles. 
The prompt is
10 things I would rather be doing than cleaning the house
1: Sitting on the couch, just relaxing
2: Eating a chicken sandwich, haha
3: Watching 'Person of Interest': hope some of you like it.
4: Going shopping
5: Call friends and chat on the phone
6: Blogging
7: Reading the latest posts on my favorite blogs
8: Cooking something delicious
9: Reading a novel
10: Last but most definitely not least: Sleeping
I loved writing this post and hope you enjoy my lists. Try making some of yours too. Love you always.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Gratitude and Lessons learnt:

Hey people, I totally hope that you are having a great weekend. I also hope you are living your lives to the fullest since it is the only one you've got.

Today, I just want to talk about gratitude. Thank You. Thats one word that we have been taught from very early, yet most of us do not even remember to say it as often as we should. One of the lessons I have learnt through the years is that gratitude always brings in more. When you appreciate someone and whatever they mean to you, they will definitely think about doing better and treating you better.

However, am not just talking saying thank you to other people, am talking about a deeper level of gratitude that comes from the heart and nourishes the soul. You might not actually be saying it to the people, but you are thinking it and above all feeling it.


 I know, most of us believe in God, or some higher power other than ourselves. It is good to just sit down and write down or talk about the things we are grateful for. One of the best moments of my life is when I just sit down and begin to count my blessings. I tell God how thankful I am for food, water, electricity, intelligence, a roof over my head, family, friends and many other things. However, it gets even better when I go into details and thank him specifically for the sofa, for my sister, for my Mum, for a particular friend, for a specific moment in my day. 

As I go into more details, I am able to find more and more things that I am grateful for. After doing this exercise for sometime, I found out that there is an endless number of things that I am grateful for. I also realized that there is always something to be thankful for, Yes, even when the times seem so hard. The gift of life is always a good place to start.

My lovely friends, I really hope you find something to be grateful for. You will walk around smiling when you know and understand how blessed you are. I love you lots.

PS: I don't know what I did to my blog but I hope it still is a source of inspiration. Oh, and any ideas of how I can make it look even more prettier are gladly welcomed. Have an awesome weekend, love and laugh out loud.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Rome Friday Fancies

So, as I have said here before, I love Italy and its definitely my dream destination. So, I would love to sport this outfit when I go to Rome and as I see all the ancient architecture, I would also look absolutely amazing. I love the dress, its an earth tone and totally whimsical. I love Italy and than you {av} at Long distance Loving for having such a wonderful theme this Friday.
Beautiful Rome

and beautiful outfit,


rome by emmyel featuring wood bangles

Link up and enjoy.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

When words flow into a Poem...

You came to me in the most subtle of ways,
I was only 20 when we met,
I loved the way you pursued me,
You chased and never gave up.
I missed you when I could not see you,
I sometimes wished i didnt,
but I did anyway,
The notes, the surprises, the gifts,
the public hugs and kisses,
you holding my hand,
looking at me with the sweetest of eyes,
Me, falling in love with you.
It took time but I enjoyed that time.
I loved you and I still do.
Its beautiful, the way you refuse to say you do,
yet you take care of me,
every night, you call me.
but only time will tell me.
I will forever be grateful for the chance to know you,
and to make memories with you!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Be happy first, then the rest will follow

In my quest to find endless happiness, I have noticed one thing that has been embroidered in our brains for so long. We want things to come first, then after we get those things, we always say we will get happy. Then the things come, we find faults in them and the happiness is sadly, very SHORTLIVED

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we often repeat this process over and over again, expecting different results. Sorry to say this, but even a bird or even a monkey knows that doing the same thing over and over again, will only bring the same results.

Only after doing this many times and reading some very powerful books, did I realize that the journey to happiness is the opposite of what we have been doing. So, now I understand that my happiness comes first and the rest of the stuff comes later.

Right now I know that a car or a house will not make me happy. I know, I know, others will say that they would rather be sad in a mansion but really??? Do you really want to be sad in a mansion??? The mansion might seem like a good idea for the first few months but you get lonely, the sadness increases and you wish you were happy in a tiny hut.

Happiness is what each one of us is searching for and its as simple as a decision. When you decide to be happy, the stuff no longer dictates when or how happy you are. It is no longer about the car or the sofa or the I-Phone, it is about You. Now, you understand that even when I dont have the stuff, I can be happy and still enjoy my life. The knowledge that everything is Ok and will always be ok comforts you and you enjoy everyday. And as you enjoy each day, laughing and smiling, more good things will come your way and it will feel like your eyes have suddenly been opened to new beauty. And happily ever after will no longer seem like a dream but it will become a reality.

I love you and wish you a Happy Valentines.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Letters to my Future Husband #3

Dear {FH},
Hi my Love, I know its been a long time since I wrote to you but not to worry, you are in luck. There is this feeling in my heart that I cannot seem to shake off. Its been within me for a few days now and I really do not know what to do.

It all started a few days ago. It was evening and I had experienced one of the most fabulous days of my life. It felt really good. However, when I got home, I noticed that I was feeling some kind of ache or heaviness. Now, I knew I was not sad, angry, desperate or any other of those negative feelings. I had had a great day and yet there was this feeling in my heart.I could not tell what it was.

Then today, the same feeling came back to me. As usual, instead of brushing over it, I tried to analyze it and get to the bottom of all this. Then it hit me, I am MISSING you terribly. My darling, I am a person who likes to share their life with someone else. So when I have had a really great day, I want to talk about it. Not to anyone, but to someone special, someone who cares, someone like you my Love.

I know when I see you, I will be delighted. But sweerie, I think its rightful for me to say that my heart, my soul, and my body all miss you. I love you anyway and know that maybe, you feel the same way right now. I want to cuddle and hold hands and just be there with you. To share life with you, in simple yet profound ways.
Sometimes, am sad, when I imagine that you get these feelings too. Maybe, you had a great day and wanna share it with me, yet you dont know me or if you do, you cannot talk to me.

The only comfort for me is knowing that you are there, and that when I meet you, it will be in the perfect time. When everything will be in sync and our being together will only make things sweeter and better. I love you my future Husband and I hold you in a very special place.
Forever and for Always

Friday, 10 February 2012

Red and Pink: Valentine's Friday Fancies

As any number of you know by now, am a hopeless romantic. I love LOVE. And obviously, I love Valentine's Day., so when came up with the idea of a Valentine's outfit, I was very excited. I love simple and this red dress makes this point very clear. I love the shoes, and the clutch. The scarf is just a little addition. I love this outfit and hope you do too.
Go link up with {av} at Long distance loving and lets paint the town reddish pink.

Red and Pink: for Love Day