Monday, 13 February 2012

Be happy first, then the rest will follow

In my quest to find endless happiness, I have noticed one thing that has been embroidered in our brains for so long. We want things to come first, then after we get those things, we always say we will get happy. Then the things come, we find faults in them and the happiness is sadly, very SHORTLIVED

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we often repeat this process over and over again, expecting different results. Sorry to say this, but even a bird or even a monkey knows that doing the same thing over and over again, will only bring the same results.

Only after doing this many times and reading some very powerful books, did I realize that the journey to happiness is the opposite of what we have been doing. So, now I understand that my happiness comes first and the rest of the stuff comes later.

Right now I know that a car or a house will not make me happy. I know, I know, others will say that they would rather be sad in a mansion but really??? Do you really want to be sad in a mansion??? The mansion might seem like a good idea for the first few months but you get lonely, the sadness increases and you wish you were happy in a tiny hut.

Happiness is what each one of us is searching for and its as simple as a decision. When you decide to be happy, the stuff no longer dictates when or how happy you are. It is no longer about the car or the sofa or the I-Phone, it is about You. Now, you understand that even when I dont have the stuff, I can be happy and still enjoy my life. The knowledge that everything is Ok and will always be ok comforts you and you enjoy everyday. And as you enjoy each day, laughing and smiling, more good things will come your way and it will feel like your eyes have suddenly been opened to new beauty. And happily ever after will no longer seem like a dream but it will become a reality.

I love you and wish you a Happy Valentines.

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  1. Truly, we sometimes find happiness in small simple things. I also sincerely believe of law of attraction. If you chose to be happy, happiness will come naturally. Anyways, Happy Valentine's Emmy!


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