Wednesday, 15 February 2012

When words flow into a Poem...

You came to me in the most subtle of ways,
I was only 20 when we met,
I loved the way you pursued me,
You chased and never gave up.
I missed you when I could not see you,
I sometimes wished i didnt,
but I did anyway,
The notes, the surprises, the gifts,
the public hugs and kisses,
you holding my hand,
looking at me with the sweetest of eyes,
Me, falling in love with you.
It took time but I enjoyed that time.
I loved you and I still do.
Its beautiful, the way you refuse to say you do,
yet you take care of me,
every night, you call me.
but only time will tell me.
I will forever be grateful for the chance to know you,
and to make memories with you!

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Thanks for the Love