Thursday, 30 June 2011

Beautiful Day.......

Its a brand new day, its Thursday, only one more working day left before the weekend. I woke up in a great mood just lyke av done these past few days. However, on opening my laptop, i found a customer had returned a job i had done many days ago. Secondly, there was this order that looked so long and business like. I suddenly felt lyk my day had begun to spiral on the negative side. On looking outside, i see this bright sunshine which we have not seen in days. I sometimes struggle with letting things that do not excite me go. I sometimes dwell on the sadness that a certain order gives me. This morning, i almost felt like getting angry and feeling down. But i caught myself in my steps. I had not even looked at the order and yet i already felt bad. I told myself that the day was too beautiful for me to spend it being angry. I am grateful for my current job and all the customers i work for. I have to be, there are other people searching for such opportunities without success. I know the new one is knocking at my door and that is why i keep on smiling. I will not let anything or anyone put me down. Am here today for a reason and so are you. So smile and enjoy the sunshine, the brightness of being alive. Be happy n treasure this happiness. All day, Every day!!!!!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Just another Me Post

What would you do if you knew nobody would judge you?
As a person, i sometimes think too much about what people will say if I take certain actions. I think its weird and useless but i still find myself worrying about what others will think if i act in a certain way. Take for example now that i have moved to my new apartment, i want to choose the color of my carpet. Instead of going ahead and buying the color that really excites me, i want to choose a color that will win the approval of others. Such that when they come to visit my house, they are awed by my choice. I may like it or not but its still good for me to know that others appreciate.
Therefore if i knew forsure that nobody will judge me, i would first scream at the top of my voice. Then go ahead to buy all the things i ever wanted that i like but do not necessarily meet the demands of others. I would then go saying hi to all the handsome dudes i see on the road and am afraid to talk to. Also the girls would be included because sometimes i want to talk to smone and ask them to be my friend but i fear being judged.
On realizing that i live life faring judgement from others, am going to release all this fear and toast to a life with no judgement, from myself or others. Feel free to live life comprehensively and with enjoyment.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First Night Alone.....

Tonight marks the firts day for me alone in my new house. I moved a week ago but my bf has been with me all thru the week. He stayed over to help me with all the moving stuff n keep me company, of course. However, for me tonight is the night that will make all the difference. I cook, eat then sleep all alone. I know its my dream come true but still.... But am gonna enjoy every part of it. Am thankful for having this opportunity to live on my own n am not gonna waste it. I will enjoy this stage in life. Life is not about survival, its about living life to the fullest. For me, this is it, so many new beginnings, and so many successes following me. Thank you so much. Kisses
I found these questions on another blog n thought it would be interesting to answer them on my blog. So here i go......
1.  What is your favorite food?
Now, my fav food is difficult to define but right now i think Spaghetti with beef stew tops the list. Cooked nicely with the stew being thick n tasty. My mouth is already watering! aha
2.  What color scheme is your bedroom?
No color scheme. but my walls are cream, my sheets are flowered, the duvet is cartoon like with red, blue n white making the greatest portion.The curtains atleast match with the wall and are cream too with little read and green flowers.
3.  Do you carry a donor card?
What is that? if its a blood donation card, i have it but i do not necessarily carry it n if i do i dont even notice that i have it.
4.  In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?
The glass is always half full. I chose to be optimistic as i see no use in being pessimistic. Optimism helps to make my days brighter and make life tastier.
5.  Vanilla or Chocolate?
Chocolate but Of course!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

New Day:

I know its been long but i was in search of inspiration and it seems that i have got it. Inspirational has come to me like a flowing river, filling my life and overflowing into he lives of those near me. It is like am a new me. I feel totally different. Its lyk some1 came n took away my old self. Am renewed n i can feel it deep in my bones. As i work, as a i go about normal household chores and even as i sleep, it is different and it is awesome. In order to do this, i have had to open up my heart and welcome endless joy and peace in my heart. I also welcome
1: a new house n a new home
 2. A new job
3. new friends
4.Abundance in terms of money, household items and spiritual growth
5. Health
6. Travel and adventure
7. Joy, peace, love and greatness
Am so excited about my life right now and i realized that life is great and totally worth living.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Just Saturday

Just one of those Saturdays, just bummin around the house. u know movies n stuff. today i just watched beautiful people. i discovered that each one of us needs such a day. where u do nothing but sit around and do nothing. It makes it easier to start the next week n rediscover oneself. For me, i like my weekends to be free n unstressing. i don know wat i do without weekends. They keep me in check n ready to conquer the world. Make such days for yourself n see how it changes the next week!!!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Adorable Villa n Girls

Galz, i dont know if its just me but men who love their families are so adorable. When a gal looks at a man one thing she looks for is security. Apart from being handsome, a man who loves his family is so attractive and most gals will find him irresistible. Look at Will Smith for example, he has been with Jada for so many years and now that it seems lyk a match made in heaven. Despite knowing that he is hukd up, galz still adore him and scream at how cute he is. My newest adorable guy is David Villa, the very handsome n sexy Barcelona player. Look at the photo above, with his girls around him he seems so cute. Irresistible infact. One cannot hate a handsome guy who protects and loves his family. One is unable to decide whose hair in the photo is the best. All in all david Villa remains my all time cuties as he is so sexy n hot. Men, if you want to be irresistible, be willing to offer security in terms of commitment and unending love for your boo !!Hope men get the hint coz they are so slow.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Its tym to hit the bed. Lovely, soft warm covers that i long for the moment i wake up in the morning. Its been a great day. Though hit by some of those moments, av learnt to appreciate each passing day coz its a blessing. So thank u 2 all who made my day n i appreciate it a lot. Hope for a better tomorrow......


Sometimes i see myself as a positivist, if there is such a word. At other times am totally negative, beating down every idea that comes my way. However, there is something that av learnt from the experiences av had so far. WHATEVER YOU LOOK AT INTENTLY, IT IS WHAT U BECOME. I know, i know, you think thats crazy and weird but think more carefully. The more you think about something you hate, the more you hate it. As for me, the more i think about how angry a person made me, the angrier i get. Now why do negative thoughts seem so applicable in life. I always ask myself, if i know that al get angrier if i think angry thoughts why not flip the switch and stat thinking happy ones. The answer is it is not that easy. I have to consciously (knowingly) make a decision to switch my mind from negative to positive. The key word here is knowingly. So the next tym u are feelin down, focus on getting away from the negative thoughts and think of those happy times and the mind will gradually change. Sooner you find yourself happier, almost smiling and able to focus on happier times. 


Individuality. Independence. What do these words really mean? Do their meaning even make sense? Especially for a woman. A woman in love. There i go again, mix anything with love and and everything seems meanignless. Why does independence sometimes spell loneliness? Is it an illusion that we have, that we must be near other people to survive?Each person has their own life to live. In fact, no 2 people were given the same life to live! It is wach person on his or her own. But as human beings, we have a fear that involves living alone, walking alone, laughing or even crying alone. Suddenly something that would have been sheer fun, cannot be done because we are alone. However, understanding oneself is a very fundamental thing that we must accomlish before relating with others. In a nutshell, our individuality must shine even when with others. So go ahead, show your individuality and let it shine. Do not be afraid to be yourself coz definitely am not!!