Thursday, 16 June 2011

New Day:

I know its been long but i was in search of inspiration and it seems that i have got it. Inspirational has come to me like a flowing river, filling my life and overflowing into he lives of those near me. It is like am a new me. I feel totally different. Its lyk some1 came n took away my old self. Am renewed n i can feel it deep in my bones. As i work, as a i go about normal household chores and even as i sleep, it is different and it is awesome. In order to do this, i have had to open up my heart and welcome endless joy and peace in my heart. I also welcome
1: a new house n a new home
 2. A new job
3. new friends
4.Abundance in terms of money, household items and spiritual growth
5. Health
6. Travel and adventure
7. Joy, peace, love and greatness
Am so excited about my life right now and i realized that life is great and totally worth living.

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