Thursday, 30 June 2011

Beautiful Day.......

Its a brand new day, its Thursday, only one more working day left before the weekend. I woke up in a great mood just lyke av done these past few days. However, on opening my laptop, i found a customer had returned a job i had done many days ago. Secondly, there was this order that looked so long and business like. I suddenly felt lyk my day had begun to spiral on the negative side. On looking outside, i see this bright sunshine which we have not seen in days. I sometimes struggle with letting things that do not excite me go. I sometimes dwell on the sadness that a certain order gives me. This morning, i almost felt like getting angry and feeling down. But i caught myself in my steps. I had not even looked at the order and yet i already felt bad. I told myself that the day was too beautiful for me to spend it being angry. I am grateful for my current job and all the customers i work for. I have to be, there are other people searching for such opportunities without success. I know the new one is knocking at my door and that is why i keep on smiling. I will not let anything or anyone put me down. Am here today for a reason and so are you. So smile and enjoy the sunshine, the brightness of being alive. Be happy n treasure this happiness. All day, Every day!!!!!

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