Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Just another Me Post

What would you do if you knew nobody would judge you?
As a person, i sometimes think too much about what people will say if I take certain actions. I think its weird and useless but i still find myself worrying about what others will think if i act in a certain way. Take for example now that i have moved to my new apartment, i want to choose the color of my carpet. Instead of going ahead and buying the color that really excites me, i want to choose a color that will win the approval of others. Such that when they come to visit my house, they are awed by my choice. I may like it or not but its still good for me to know that others appreciate.
Therefore if i knew forsure that nobody will judge me, i would first scream at the top of my voice. Then go ahead to buy all the things i ever wanted that i like but do not necessarily meet the demands of others. I would then go saying hi to all the handsome dudes i see on the road and am afraid to talk to. Also the girls would be included because sometimes i want to talk to smone and ask them to be my friend but i fear being judged.
On realizing that i live life faring judgement from others, am going to release all this fear and toast to a life with no judgement, from myself or others. Feel free to live life comprehensively and with enjoyment.

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