Thursday, 2 June 2011


Sometimes i see myself as a positivist, if there is such a word. At other times am totally negative, beating down every idea that comes my way. However, there is something that av learnt from the experiences av had so far. WHATEVER YOU LOOK AT INTENTLY, IT IS WHAT U BECOME. I know, i know, you think thats crazy and weird but think more carefully. The more you think about something you hate, the more you hate it. As for me, the more i think about how angry a person made me, the angrier i get. Now why do negative thoughts seem so applicable in life. I always ask myself, if i know that al get angrier if i think angry thoughts why not flip the switch and stat thinking happy ones. The answer is it is not that easy. I have to consciously (knowingly) make a decision to switch my mind from negative to positive. The key word here is knowingly. So the next tym u are feelin down, focus on getting away from the negative thoughts and think of those happy times and the mind will gradually change. Sooner you find yourself happier, almost smiling and able to focus on happier times. 

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