Thursday, 2 June 2011


Individuality. Independence. What do these words really mean? Do their meaning even make sense? Especially for a woman. A woman in love. There i go again, mix anything with love and and everything seems meanignless. Why does independence sometimes spell loneliness? Is it an illusion that we have, that we must be near other people to survive?Each person has their own life to live. In fact, no 2 people were given the same life to live! It is wach person on his or her own. But as human beings, we have a fear that involves living alone, walking alone, laughing or even crying alone. Suddenly something that would have been sheer fun, cannot be done because we are alone. However, understanding oneself is a very fundamental thing that we must accomlish before relating with others. In a nutshell, our individuality must shine even when with others. So go ahead, show your individuality and let it shine. Do not be afraid to be yourself coz definitely am not!!

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