Monday, 20 February 2012

Recap of last week:-50 things am grateful for

Today, I have really been thinking about what to write about. I woke up in a very good mood and I have been feeling really awesome throughout the day. So, after the aforementioned deep thinking, I came up with the idea of making a list of the things I am grateful for now and also in the last week. Think of this as a continuation of my post on gratitude. I love lists and so incorporating them into the blog seems like a good idea. Drum roll please, we start at 50 going down to 1:
#50: The couch, what would I do without you
#49: Electricity: Oh yes, powers all the machines and the lighting, amazing
#48: Water: It is life after all
#47: My bed: the comfort of sleeping in it is amazing
#46: The pillows and all the beddings;; only makes it more comfortable
#45: My hair, just did it over the weekend and it looks fabulous
#44: Bathroom, clean and private, i like it
#43: People, I love people
#42: Phones
#41: Calls that last an hour or just several minute but cheer me up
#40: Texts; sweet little ones
#39: The internet; how else would I be her
#38: Being literate; knowing that there are millions out there who aren't.
#37: Nice bras: yes they hold the boobs up
#36: Bloggie friends, who comment and cheer me on
#35: Blogs: gives me something to read and keep me informed
#34: All the applications and programs on my computer, makes things easy
#33: Pictures; they capture life
#32: Google, yes am thankful for you
#31: Teddy bears, they keep me company when am alone in the house
#30: Living alone: the freedom and the space
#29: Radios
#28: Music, oh how I love you
#27: Movies, actors and actresses: you keep me busy when I need company or entertainment
#26: Lady Antebellum: I love your music, your voice and your creativity
#25: Having a kitchen
#24: All the utensils, plates, cups, knives, cutlery etc..
#23: Calendars: they keep us on track
#22: Handbags: as a woman, what would I do without you
#21: Writers, authors, poets: I appreciate what you do
#20: Curtains and doors, maintains the privacy
#19: Cosmetics, lotions, powder, soaps etc
#18: Clothes: jeans, tops, dresses and all
#17: Shoes: I could not forget thee
#16: Cooking: I love making delicious meals
#15: Towels and blankets
#14: All the companies that provide services to me
#13: Neighbors
#12: Babies, I love their innocence and smell
#11: Scents: sweet ones
#10: Love, loving and being loved
#9: Friends who I cherish
#8: Swimming
#7: Health, I can dance around, my heart is beating and everything is working properly
#6: My house, I love you
#5: Food, sleeping on a full tummy everyday
#4: My parents and the whole extended family- love you so much
#3: My best friend
#2: Breathing
#1: Am ALIVE: what more could I ask for
I have also decided to link up with The good life for Monday Listicles. 
The prompt is
10 things I would rather be doing than cleaning the house
1: Sitting on the couch, just relaxing
2: Eating a chicken sandwich, haha
3: Watching 'Person of Interest': hope some of you like it.
4: Going shopping
5: Call friends and chat on the phone
6: Blogging
7: Reading the latest posts on my favorite blogs
8: Cooking something delicious
9: Reading a novel
10: Last but most definitely not least: Sleeping
I loved writing this post and hope you enjoy my lists. Try making some of yours too. Love you always.


  1. I like your 50 thankful for list! As for things to do instead of cleaning: I hope that is how your day went since you woke you in a great mood.
    Lovely to get to know you Millie.

  2. Love your thankful list! and shopping is ALWAYS better than cleaning!

  3. Have read every line Emmy. Nice... I thought of making my own list on my blog. This reminds me that the two most important words in this world is "thank you".


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