Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What am Loving today

Its midweek already and that means that the countdown to the weekend is on. Today, instead of pinning some beautiful Pinterest finds, I decided to just write about the things that are making me happy this week. I know I have said this in many other posts but I just have to say it again. Sometime, it is just awesome to sit down and look for things that are making you smile, making you laugh or just keeping you peaceful.
So without further ado, these are the things that am loving right now:

1. Am loving the rains. I got rained on yesterday and I know I should be sad but am appreciating the change in weather. Its good fro me but it is even better for the farmers who are planting right now all around Kenya.

2. Am loving that am taking my driving test tomorrow and I know am gonna do very well. I always wanted to learn driving and now I have. Funny enough, I love. Cant wait to have my car and drive it. I love that its been so much fun.

3. Am loving the time we've been spending with my b/f. Watching soccer, laughing, watching movies, cooking and just fooling around. Am loving that we miss each other when we are apart. Am loving that we are enjoying each other so much more.

4. Am loving time spent with my best friend. I love understanding one another and sharing things that we could not share with anyone else.

5. Am loving that the stats on my blog have gone up noticeably over the recent past. I love it when people read random things I write. I appreciate you my readers.

6. Am loving my life in general right now. Am loving how I am capable of soothing myself when things don't go as expected. Am loving how I easily get to see the good in everything.

7. Am loving ME. Just being Millie, everything about me.

8. Am loving this quote;

Love you.

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