Thursday, 12 April 2012

Letters to My Future Husband #5

Dear {FH}:
Hello Darling? I know its been quite a while since I wrote to you. Its Ok anyway because am doing so now. Today, I have been thinking about our wedding day. I have been thinking about the kind of gown that I want to wear on this day. I have been thinking about whether it will be an indoor or outdoor wedding. I thought that maybe we can have a church wedding in the morning and an outdoor reception in the afternoon. (This way I can get to wear heels in the morning and wedges in the afternoon). Oh, Darling, I digress. I digress.

As I was thinking, the most important thing that came to my mind is the look in your eyes as I walk down the aisle. Sweetie, if I have said there is anything more beautiful, then I was lying. Your eyes glow in a way that I have never seen before. It is not passion, it is not happiness, it is not fun or enthusiasm. It is a mix of all these things. It is a look that I cant quite describe. But, the word that comes closest to this is Bliss. Pure Bliss.

Honey, I think about loads of things. I wonder where you are but thoughts such as these remind me that you are real and that its just a matter of time. To be exact, its a matter of perfect timing. I just turned 25 last weekend, (you missed my birthday by the way) and I was a little worried because I do not even know who you are. I though that if I have never met you, then it may take a lot of time before we get to know each other and then get hitched.

However, another thought struck me. We do not need time my darling. When we meet, we'll know it. Its not like something that will need scientific experiments or discoveries. Its a communication between the hearts and I already think that our souls are connected. Thus, it is not a matter of time. It is a matter of the hearts. It is a matter of allowing and enjoying and laughing and having fun together. Our wedding day remains etched in my mind and I hold onto the look on your face as I go through the days.
I love you so much darling and I miss you love. Come to me soon.

{FW, Millie}

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