Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Write your own story

Life is a book that requires each person to write their own story and fill in the pages. The book is given to us when we are born. In the first few years, our parents or guardians are the ones who write the story for us, leading and guiding us thru life. They give us a certain direction that they want us to follow but as soon as we become of age, the pen is handed to us.
However, what amazes me most is that we still continue to let others write our story or just assume that we do not have control over what happens in our lives. For me, there are moments that i have allowed others to write my story. Take for example, when i allow a simple public transport agent to ruin my day for not stopping the vehicle at the right to stop. I get angry and walk to the house feeling those ish ish bad feelings that we all hate so much. I might even break a glass while cooking in the kitchen just because of the bad vibes in me following such a small incident. I allow a stranger to ruin my day and evening. In such a situation, i give someone i barely know the right to write my story. I would have wanted my story of the day to end up happy but it ends sadly because i gave my pen to someone else.
So, why let someone else write your story. The pen is yours, the book is yours. If its a love story you want, then write it. If its an adventure story you want, write it. And just know that you have the power to write your life story. Make it as interesting as possible and enjoy life with me.
Kisses n looking forward to hearing interesting stories, written by interesting writers.
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