Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Update on the life of Living Alone

So its been almost a month since i moved into my new apartment and the most notable part is that i live alone. From ten months of living with b/f to living alone, the transition has amazed me. (Please note that me and b/f are still together and moving to a better future marriage.)
So i thought that i would find it very difficult living alone because i have never done that ever. In fact, i have always been the kind of person who cannot sleep in a room alone. When i was a teenager and my parents were not there and i was left alone, i would either go to my grandma's house or tell my parents to call one of their friends' daughters to come stay with me. However, as i grew older, i knew that i had to live alone at a point in my life. And that time came about one month ago.
The most amazing fact is that i can actually sleep, very well in fact. When living with my b/f and he was away, i had very bad nights and thought i could never sleep without him, But interestingly, i sleep very well.
For me, the best part of living alone are the evenings. I miss my b/f and all but i love the feeling of choosing whichever way i spend the evening. I choose whatever movie i want, listen to whatever music i want at whatever volume i want. Some evenings are spent blogging without any disruptions. I really like the freedom of choosing whatever, i want to eat. If i wonna cook, i do it. If i wanna spend an entire hour in the bathroom, i do exactly that. However, i really miss cooking for someone else, especially one who enjoys my cooking. All in all, the experience has been great and the only way to go is forward. For all girls out there, afraid of moving out of their parents' homes or living alone, there is nothing to fear. Take the step and know that living alone teaches you things you would never have known if you lived with other people.
Kisses n love ya.


  1. I am too afraid to live alone. I find so much comfort having my own room in my parent's house closed off than to move alone. I am looking into doing so my second year of graduate school though!

  2. hey, found you over on 20sb... great blog!

    living alone is weird at first but it turns out to be great fun... like you said, you can do whatever you want without clearing it with someone else. glad to hear living on your own is working out for you. :)

  3. @Pbm, do not be afraid, wen the time comes, just take the step. Its so much fun.
    @lalalalauren, i agree, the freedom is great. hope to be blogger frns.

  4. living alone is hard. Especially if you have never done it before, but it gives you a sense of independence and a self confidence that you can't get while living with someone. I currently live alone, and I was so freaked out last Nov when I moved into my apartment. But you get used to it. Enjoy this time.

  5. Totally agree Nicole, but you learn things that you would never have known. Nice blog by the way


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