Friday, 8 July 2011

I love me...

Of late, i have really changed and its time to appreciate mi. Today is one of those days that one is so hopeful that they have no worries. I know other people might say that worrying and stress are part of being realistic but i think thats just crap. Those bad things are all our choices and they only make our lives more miserable. Therefore, let me just appreciate myself today, (not in a selfish way but just open and honest way.
1) I appreciate that i am so patient. A few months ago, i could not wait for anything or anyone for even ten minutes. Now am more patient with myself and with others.
2) I appreciate that am so loving. I have so much love to offer, to me and to others. I will not withhold the love i feel for others just to prove a point. Without love, this world would be nowhere.
3)I appreciate that am living in abundance, of peace, of love, joy and everything i want.
So for me, this friday is dedicated to me for making conscious changes to make my life better. Thank you for all who make it better and richer.

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