Thursday, 7 July 2011

Momma Thursday!!!

From this day forward, thursday posts will be about my mom. I will find some things that she has done for me and i will be grateful for her. For without her, i would have never come to this earth and experienced the love that is abundant while living here.
Today, as a start, am thankful to my mum for giving birth to me. It was a decision that she made that she wanted a child and made the choice to make one. I know, there are many people who get pregnant but decide not to keep the baby, but you mum decided that you would keep me. Each day of those nine months, you went through the challenges of carrying a baby. The morning sickness, aching joints, confused appetite, nausea and all those problems that pregnant women go thru. Also, you went through the highs of being pregnant, the expectation of having your firts child, the joy of carrying it in your belly.
And finally, after nine months, on that 8th day of April, you gave birth to me. Your first child, a girl and you gave me a chance to live. The pain no longer mattered because you had won the race. And from this day forward, you chose to love me.
Thank you Mama for choosing to give birth to me.
I love you now and will always will.
Kisses n happy momma Thursday.
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