Monday, 30 January 2012

Bubbly Expansion

I am an optimist. I believe in expecting the best and creating life on purpose. I actually enjoy being an optimist. It takes so little energy, in fact it gives you energy and drive to go through each day. This, compared to the stress and complications associated with negativity, i'd rather be an optimist everyday of my life.
I love when I wake up in the morning, and I consciously choose to smile. From this smile, I feel my heart fill up with warmth and appreciation of the beautiful life that God has blessed me with.
I know there are those things happening, that I do not like and might be associated with negativity. But, I chose to believe that God is using these things or people to bring me my dreams. Every situation, every person, I come across, is meant to make my days better. I may not see it, this very minute but later when the whole picture is in view, I sit back and see how everything played out perfectly. All I can say then is Thank you.

In line with this, every week, I choose a word that will guide me through. The word I choose symbolizes the kind of week I want to have. This week I choose "BUBBLE". To bubble also means to expand and to enjoy each moment of this expansion. This is the kind of week I want. I want my life to go beyond the boundaries that may exist. I also want to enjoy myself. When I let God run the shows, the only job left to me is to be HAPPY. I want my heart to be as light as a bubble and for me to spread my wings and fly.
I hope that someone will Bubble with me this week. And that this week will be the best they have experienced in a long time.
I love you and wish you a fabulous week.


  1. Wow...what more can I say, wow...this is such a great post, and I think I came to find it at a right time. Amazing.

  2. Love the spirit! This is just inspiring Emmy.

    By the way, I've included your blog to my blog community. All my blog friends are there. :) see blogroll.

  3. Hi Emmy, this one is for you... Liebster Blog Award!


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