Thursday, 9 February 2012

When one needs to be brave

There are many times that each one of us finds themselves in a position of fear or a lack of courage. When we get to this place, the only solution is to find a way that we can find the courage and be brave. For example, lately, I know I have not been the blogger I used to be. Reason being a lack of internet at home, and sometimes just pure laziness. In most cases, I have to find a place where I can find my strength again and start writing.

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However, I know there are more serious situations that people go through and have to find a place of braveness, a place where courage comes from within. A place where the voices of fear on the outside become softer and the voice of courage begins to find root.

For example, when loss confronts us and someone special is gone, we often feel a deep sense of hurt and some very weird feeling of fear. Fear of not knowing how to live our lives without that person. By loss, I mean death, separation, divorce, a breakup, distance and many other kinds of losses. It is difficult. I admit that. However, it is inevitable. We must move forward. After all the crying, worrying, stressing: we all come to one point. The point where we must move forward.

This is the point where one must search for braveness, no matter what obstacles are on the way. Where do you go when you need to be brave?

Some people go to church, some to therapists, some to friends, some to Google, name the place and there is someone who goes there in search of braveness. However, in the few years that I have lived, I have come to understand that the only place where braveness and all the other good qualities exists in abundance is WITHIN. INSIDE. Braveness rests inside of me, inside of you and inside of everyone of us. When that moment comes, and I have to be brave, I always look inside. Once there, I analyze whatever issues am facing, take my time and step by step, I begin to find my place of courage.

I do prayer, I meditate, I write, I dance but it all comes from inside. I must find the strength to do these things from inside my soul. The courage and braveness you might be looking for lies somewhere deep INSIDE of you. It is in your soul and is abundant in ways that you have never imagined.
Just take a peek INSIDE and see that it is all there. INSIDE.

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