Monday, 22 August 2011

My Weekend

As i wrote earlier on Friday, this weekend was supposed to be filled with all kinds of activities. So here is a way to document and share with my readers what happened during the weekend,

Friday: Ok, I know it was too early to start the weekend but i started mine then and i never stopped. I left my house at around midday and took the long ride home (my parent's house). Its around a two and a half hours drive to my home town and i reached home at around 5.30 PM. I was welcomed by hugs from my family members, my mama, sis and very cute niece who is almost five years now. By the way, my mom and dad were busy preparing for a wedding the following day where they were the best couple. The evening was filled with laughter, lots of food and lots of fun. We slept at around 11 after a hearty evening.

Saturday: This was the long awaited day and my parents woke up very early since they were supposed to be at the bride's home by 7.30. After they left, i slept a while longer and then woke up to get ready for the wedding. I decided to take my niece, Mercy so that i would not be lonely and that she would enjoy herself too. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Simple but very entertaining and awesome. I loved it and felt a deeper longing for my wedding day. We danced, laughed and filled our stomachs and had a great time. And not forgetting that my mom and dad looked gorgeous and i loved how they played their part. Day well spent.

Sunday: Woke up at 8 and started getting ready for the journey back to the city. I left with my sister at around 11 and i decided to first go and visit Mr b/f since i had not seen him for a week. He is actually already at the city where we will be moving to next weekend. We decided to use the afternoon looking for a house. The search was long and tiring but we have some hope now. Otherwise i had a great time with him but i still miss him so much.

That much looks like my weekend but i can't wait for this following one. I know it will be tiring but it will all be worth it. I hope to have a blissful week ahead and i hope you do too.
Kisses n love ya.

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