Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thankful Thursday- Family Edition

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Every waking moment i spend on this earth, one thing that i know for sure is that there is always something to be grateful for. That is why i love this link up so much hosted by Rebecca.

Am thankful for the greatest woman i know, my Mama. I know i say it very often but this can never be enough as compared to the goodness she has offered me. Am thankful coz she has always been there for me. Even when i did not realize i needed her, she has always been there. Even thru my teenage years where i was one very bad girl, she was there. I love her so much and am really grateful that she still talks to me and shares my life with me.

Am thankful for a man who has watched me grow and guided me thru life, my Dad. Am grateful for he has always provided for us and made sure we have whatever we need. His hard work has inspired me to make my own life better. I love you dad and am so grateful to you.

Am thankful for the one girl that knows a lot of stuff about me but still hold me close to her heart, my Sister. She is two years younger than me but i would do anything for this girl. She is more than a friend and more like a part of me. I love you baby sister and am grateful for every moment i spend with you.

Am thankful for our baby who has grown to be very tall and very handsome, my Brother. He is six years younger than me but way taller. I am grateful for the laughter and the opportunity to be an example for you to look upto. I love you very much and am thankful for you.

Am thankful for my whole extended family, my cousins, my grandparents, my aunties, uncles, nepwews, nieces, in-laws and everyone else. I love you all and today i appreciate you and am thankful for you.
May love always flow in this family as i hold it very close to my heart.


  1. Aww! Such a sweet post! Your family sounds a lot like mine. I have a younger sister that I'm very close with. She's my best friend. And we're both super close to our parents. I'm glad you have such wonderful family in your life :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Family is a very important part of human life and we should always treasure it. Thanks for hosting.


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