Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What it takes to let someone into my heart..

Am the kind of person who is very open to people. I admit that i trust very easily and sometimes people take advantage of this trait. But this is part of me and am not planning on changing it. Deep down in my heart, i really think that all people are good but they change depending on their circumstances.

I believe my heart is delicate and should be taken and held gently. This is why it should take some time before i let someone in. However, contrary to this, it sometimes only takes a few moments before i let someone in.
When i met Mr b/f back in 2008, that first moment, i felt something in my heart. I felt as though i'd known him the whole of my life yet it was the first time i set my eyes on him. (I will tell the story of us someday, keep waiting.)
So, before i let someone in my heart, there is something that must click. They say when you know, you know. Its not about the other person but how your heart responds. Its like its giving you some kind of permission to let someone in.

I know sometimes, we have defied what our hearts say about particular people. When the heart says no but we go ahead and let that person in, this is a recipe for disaster. I have experienced this with some people who end up hurting me. After doing the evaluation, i realize that i let them in without the heart's permission.
I know you still want to know what it takes for me to let someone in my heart. Well, its all about that first time we meet and the hearts clicking. I have found that sometimes that a person may not have the "ideal" character but when the hearts click, it becomes easier to let them in.

It also depends with how far am ready to let them in. In the long run, i choose what my heart likes and what it clicks with. Thats it and it works for me.
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