Wednesday, 28 September 2011



1. Favored by or involving good luck or fortune; lucky.
2. Auspicious or favorable

I have to say that I am fortunate,
To be her today,
To have a laptop, electricity, and internet,
Knowing that there are millions of people who do not even know what a computer is leave alone owning one.
Am fortunate to be literate, to be able to express myself through writing and read what others say about themselves.

I am fortunate to have both my eyes working properly,
I know there are millions of blind people who keep enjoying life even when they cannot see.
Yet I sometimes take my eyesight for granted.
I am fortunate that I can hear,
Oh the sweet sounds of music which sometimes irritate me even when there are people who have never had the ability to hear anything.

I am fortunate that I can walk, jog and even run with both my legs,
There are people who cannot wake up from their beds or their seats.
I am fortunate that I can use both of my hands and yet sometimes I just want them to rest and I complain of how tired they are,
Yet there are people who wish they had them just to make tired for a day.

I am fortunate to be alive today,
knowing that thousands died today.
I am fortunate, Auspicious and favorable because I am a blessed girl and I appreciate it everyday.
This post is dedicated to all of you who are alive today because you are fortunate too and you should always cherish it, no matter what happens.
Love you all.

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