Monday, 26 September 2011

Keep On Walking

Source: via Miriah on Pinterest

Am walking,
Downhill, its really easy,
I walk smiling, laughing, giggling even,
There's a sprint in my walk and i feel as if am flying,
People on this route are also smiling,
It seems that everyone is enjoying themselves.
Then I get to the bridge,
Some kind of fear grips me as I know the uphill walk will be difficult,
As I start the walk, I motivate myself,
A few smiles can be seen,
But it gets harder and harder,
Am thirsty, hungry even,
I contemplate going back and just enjoying the downhill walk,
But I can see the peak and my heart tells me that I must get up there.
So what do I do,
I keep on walking,
The muscle aches, the hunger and the thirst won't stop me,
Finally, I reach the top and I breathe a sigh of relief.
Here, all the goodness I can imagine is handed to me,
I love the taste of vistory and that is why I will keep on walking,
No matter what.

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