Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thankful Thursday-Today's

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Am generally a positive girl but i have not always been like this. In my early years, i was the kind of person that lived in fear, afraid of the future. So afraid of failing and also of the pain that i might face in future. But i soon met some people, read some literature and watched some movies and finally chnaged my life.
Am now the kind of person that is no longer afraid. Am excited about life and about the changes that are taking place in my life.
So today, am THANKFUL for Today's. The many beautiful today's that i have seen. The ones that have brought a smile to my face and me a better person. Am thankful for people who take their time to encourage me and others who need this encouragement.
Am Happy and Thankful for today was a beautiful day.
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  1. I can totally relate! I've had a problem with not trying things that I really wanted to because I was afraid to fail. I held back and one day I asked myself, "When are you going to start living?" Such a positive message! I am glad that you too have started taking some chances and are enjoying all life has to offer :)


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