Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Women - The Heart and Soul of the World

Today, I have decided to pour my heart and soul into a topic that is so dear to my heart. Often times when I talk about it even with my boyfriend or male friends, I end up feeling angry.
First, I would like for you to recognize that I value men and think they are an important part of this world, but I do believe from the deepest part of my soul, that women make this world possible. If it were not for women, there would be nothing and no one in this world. The first and most important role that women play in this world is being mothers. Even in the modern world where gay men (am very supportive of all forms of sexuality) can have and raise children, they still need a woman to carry that child for them. A child's bond to a mother is unexplainable and that is why our mothers are always ready to stand up for us. 
Secondly, women nurture and help people to move forward. A woman will always be found encouraging and supporting their children to move past obstacles and build a life for themselves. Am not yet a mother but I fully appreciate the work of my mother in making things easier for me. Moreover, women can also be found encouraging their husbands, boyfriends and partners to move forward and make a life out of themselves.
However, I often ask myself the one question that i do not find an answer to, who is there to nurture and encourage women?? 
I fully understand that women have made huge steps towards gainig their equal rights in a male dominated world over the past few decades. Many women have fought long and hard so that we can have the freedom that we currently enjoy. However, despite all these strides in equality, women still remain under-appreciated and in some places highly marginalized. What else would explain the fact that in some countries, women are still not allowed to vote? That a woman is not supposed to speak before her male counterparts? That a woman is restricted in terms of dressing or mannerisms? That women are still not allowed to hold key positions in some companies and governments?
In the home, men often assume that its their right to have a woman cook for them, wash for them, keep the house clean and take care of the kids. Women do this, often with diligence and respect. Most of the times, they combine this with a corporate job that enables them earn a substantial amount of money. What comes out of this?? It is a rare thing to find a man who tells his wife, thank you for cooking or washing clothes. The woman continues to do her chores and reaches a point that they also believe that it is man's right to have all these things done for them. They no longer seek appreciation as they delude themselves that this is the way life is meant to be. 
What then could explain why many women continue to stay with a man who abuses them sexually, verbally, emotionally and physically?? Some women have lived in such a situation for so long that they have an illusion that this is the kind of life they are meant to live.  
So what do We do??
I may sound like a feminist which I am but we need to focus on empowering women and helping them know that they are supposed to live a free and fulfilling life. I live for the day when domestic violence will be a non-existence word. The well-educated and empowered women have to wake up and teach all other women that they are powerful and should be appreciated. A woman's support group is often in her female friends. A girl's night out is often the most relaxing since a woman is able to bare all her problems to her friends, without fear of being judged or abused. We should them form larger support groups that can help a larger group of women.
I am a woman, a strong woman for that matter. Although only 24, I believe we can have a better life for women only if we help one another. We know we have the power to run this world, all we have to do is harness this power by working together and lending a helping hand where possible.  
This is to all women out there, wake up and enjoy life. You are enough and do not need the approval of any man.
Love Always, 

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