Thursday, 17 November 2011

Its Ok Thursday

First time linking up with Neely and Amber but I know its worth it. Hope you can join in and enjoy.

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok.....
That I just had a cup of coffee with my very sweet mother in law to be, yet I don't really know whats going on between me and her son.
That I have cried several times this week wondering whether its time to leave.
That I am sometimes afraid of opening up because I think I might be burdening other people
That I find cooking a good way to relieve stress
That I am still optimistic even when things seem so bad
That I sometimes feel guilty for laughing when things are not going well
Its OK that yesterday I slept for over 15 hours, (I could not get out of bed)
Its OK for me to know that everything will be alright, no matter what.

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