Monday, 28 November 2011

Tuesday Ten (I am _ right now)

Joining up with Miss Mommy for Tuesday Ten. Today we are following her prompt and hope you can join us.
I am
feeling a sense of expectation and hope since new things are in the horizon.
I wonder
what the future holds for me. Especially the not so far future, like by Friday, what will have happened.
I see
Beauty and color and pomp. This is a personal choice to search for those things that make life beautiful.
I want
To rediscover myself and to participate in activities that I always loved but never had the opportunity to participate in.
I pretend
that I dont cry as much as I actually do.
I worry
That I might be too secretive or fearful of talking about my real feelings.
I cry
when I think that my relationship of 3 years and 7 months has come to an end.
I hope
To remain as optimistic as I am right now and to always know that things will be ok.
I dream
of a love filled with romance and passion. One that will take away my pain. I dream of my wedding day and the beauty that will be witnessed.
I feel
happy, hopeful and expectant. 


  1. I am stopping by from Miss Mommy's blog! I am sorry to hear you relationship ended. That is never an easy thing to be going through. I hope you soon find that love filled with romance you were talking about.

  2. Oh i feel sad to hear about the break up Emmy! maybe there's a reason behind it. oh i totally suck at this (you know, advises). how i wish i can comfort you in some way...

  3. thank you two. Cherry, I will be fine. Only time can help me right now. Thanx anyway.


Thanks for the Love