Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday Fancies: Nothing in Particular

I am no fan of basketball. Lets get that clear. So, this Friday's theme seemed kind of crazy to me. I could not just get it in my head. So I decided just to come up with an outfit that I would wear any day, going anywhere. (especially shopping). I like the boyfriend jeans and I love red so that all that this is about. Hope you like my nothingness and appreciate my lack of theme this week. As usual, linking up with {av} at long distance loving.



  1. love the shoes and handbag. I know spring's supposed to be about color, but it's the first time in months that I can wear neutrals without feeling too horribly pale!

  2. I literally want this outfit! It's such a wearable look and perfect for spring!

  3. What a cool necklace! I hope you had a good week and are enjoying your weekend!
    Twirling Clare

  4. It got COLD here and all I can think about is wearing something like this! Those sunglasses are to DIE for!

    Hope your weekend was fabulous!


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