Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy and Merry March and [just a recap of Feb]

First I love you so much. I know its weird to start a blog post with the three magical words. But, whats a girl to do, I love you and I just have to say. You know, sometimes I do not have the courage to say these words to my family and friends in real life. But here, it is so easy to say, but this does not mean I don't mean it. Actually, I do, very much, because you have been there for me my dear bloggie friends. Always. It does not matter whether I stop writing because I do not feel like or I do, you are always waiting and when I get back and share, you are there for me. And for this I love you very much!
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Agenda no 2: Happy new Month. Its March already. How days run. I sometimes wonder where they are running off to, but I cant control it. So what do I do? I enjoy it and I hope you do too. Am so happy that we made it this far and I wish a beautiful and bright month ahead. Be merry this March and say "I love you" more often.

Agenda no 3: February Recap
So what did I do this February
~Work and make money, yes I did
~Celebrated Valentine's with someone kind of special {Ok he is special}
~Spent the whole of last weekend traveling, drinking and dancing with cousins and friends
~Refill my kitchen
~Be Happy
~Be Alive
Thats it, hope you had fun in February and I promise you {PROMISE} that more fun is coming this month. So please, enjoy and have real FUN[the kind that tickles your bones]
Don't you forget

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