Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Scintilla #11: Story from another Life

Hey my lovely readers, hope your week is going great and that you are enjoying it. Lots of happenings in this corner of my world but am gonna be ok. Scintilla is over and am sad. Just today and that it. I loved this project and hope to participate in more like this.
Prompt: Tell a story that you haven't told yet. Give it a different ending
  than the one that really happened. Don't tell us where you start
  changing things. Just go.
I wake up and its still dark. I know I have not slept for long. I glance at my phone and its only been two hours. I cant sleep anymore. It feels like there is something going on in my head. Is that someone drumming? In my head? Feels crazy.
I have cried my eyes out. I dont think it is even possible for me to cry anymore. I am tired of all the crying. I am tired of all the tears and the pain and the craziness.
I then start dreaming. I dream of a large field. It is filled with sunflowers. Beautiful and yellow. It is morning and they are opening up. To the beautiful sunlight. It is a gorgeous day and I take it all in. I take one flower in my hand and fix it in my hair. I fumble with it but cannot get to do it. Then, I feel a warm hand on my neck. 
The flower is no longer in my hand but he takes it gently. He fixes it on my hair and then turns me around. I turn back really easily. He is so strong. I look at him and I see the sun shining in his eyes. His hair graciously flowing and his skin so supple and dark. 
When he leans in and kisses me, thats when I discover am not dreaming. It is just me in another life. Where you and I live beautifully. And sunflowers wake us up. We enjoy watching them opening up to the sun. It is just like we have opened our hearts to each other. I love you, thats all I can mumble.

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