Thursday, 5 April 2012

Its My Birthday Weekend

I know I have not even been a wee bit excited that its my birthday week. The main reason is because I have nothing planned for my birthday on Sunday. I want it all, a party, gifts, celebrations but I don't even know how to make that happen. To make matters worse, I have never really had a birthday party, just for me. Am not whining. Am just anxious. Anxious that my birthday will just pass by and no one will notice. Am anxious because am turning 25 and its kind of a big deal to me. 
I totally, want something fancy but most of all, I just want someone to make it a special day. I know that it is a special day but I want to know that am not the only one who knows that.
Anyway, I believe and I have the deepest and unwavering faith that this will be one of my best weekends. I don't know how this will happen and I don't care but I know it will.
Now to my birthday cravings:
1. Cake: Am totally craving some cake right now and having it on my bday would be awesome.

2. Party, Yes. I want lots of dancing and drinking all in my name.

3. Gifts. Little ones or big ones, Doesn't matter as long as they are beautiful.

4. Hugs and Kisses. Simple yet they always make my day.

All images via Pinterest
Thats it people. Am not asking for much. Just a little fun to mark the day I was born.

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