Monday, 9 April 2012

Weekend and Birthday Recap

Hey people, (I wish you could hear me say this), it would be loud and cheery. I had the most fun weekend ever. And my fears about having a birthday unnoticed were totally pointless. My previous post explains what I wanted for my birthday on Sunday and I can say am satisfied. It is amazing how the Universe can surprise you when you let go of the control and fear.

On Saturday, we had a party with my friends and it was total fun. This crew that I was partying with is the best. We have been friends since I was in campus. This is the place where I also met my boyfriend so I think Campus was totally great. The party was at one of my friends house and it rocked. The drinking and dancing was awesome. Lets just say, I loved it.

Sunday, we went to visit my boyfriend's parents and we had so much fun. One thing that I must say is that am so thankful for his family. They treat me so kindly and they genuinely care for me. I completely and totally love them and I know they do too.Spent time with my nephew, Leon. He is 9 months old and so adorable. Will get pictures soon. Nothing moves my heart like babies. So innocent and their laughter, so infectious.

In short, I had so much fun and I feel so blessed. Am thankful for the grace and the opportunity to turn 25. I can only think of the great year that is beginning now. Happy birthday to me and thank you to Mr b/f for making my special day really special.

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  1. Oh i feel terrible I missed to greet you on your special day emmy! oh well, better late than never. belated happy birthday girl. wish you all the best in life and the future husband. :) i miss you badly.


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