Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ok, Oh how Pinteresting

Hey lovely peeps!Did I just call you peeps? Oh yeah, I did because you all, are my lovely peeps. You keep coming back even when am so lost, doing I don't know what. Anyway I love you for who you are and for keeping track of my little life.
I know av not linked up with Pinteresting Wednesday for a long time but am here and that's all that matters. So, lets move along swiftly and see all the randomness going on with me
 I definitely want a house like this one.

Always loved Porch swings and this one is beautiful!

The cooking and baking always interests me.

The serenity in this picture is all I want and all I wish all of you


  1. Fabulous house. That first house picture is amazing. The rug in the living room really makes it feel big and open. Well, I guess the bright white walls help with that too. Gorgeous.

  2. That porch is heaven on earth. I can imagine myself just lying there reading a book, sipping on a drink, without a care in the world! Beautiful! x

  3. The pots and pans organization looks amazing! I could use that. Want to follow each other?? Let me know!

    Belle De Jour

  4. JUST STUMBLED ON UR BLOG AND I'm really enjoying your blog! (+)following it, Thanks for visiting my FASHION BLOG too!please come thru again and follow back like you promised you will

  5. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thanks for your comment on mine. Lets keep on doing our thing.


Thanks for the Love