Friday, 25 May 2012

Summer Fancies

So, summer is here, or maybe at least it is where you all are. Here, in Kenya, its a little bit cold. And when I say a little, I mean a lot. Actually am wearing a hood right now because its really cloudy and cold here. But anyway, I would never let our cold dampen your summer feelings. So, I decided to indulge you in some of the beautiful clothes that I would wear if it were summer here. The colors in this ensemble amaze me. Why do we wear black and white all the time when there are such beautiful colors out there. In a bid to add more color and warmth to my life, here are my summer fancies. Linking up with av at long distance loving.
summer Fancies

The maxi dress is by far my favorite in this collection. Am very tiny, (like 5 ft tall) and I really refrain from anything that goes below my knees. However, this one seemed so delicious and beautiful that I just had to show it off to you. The mulch-colored dress is also beautiful and I love the yellow in it. To sum it all, I love each and every one of these and sandals too. (We wouldn't want me to be in a beautiful maxi dress and bare foot). For those celebrating Memorial weekend, have fun, it comes only once a year. For the rest of us, work and a little play wont hurt. 


  1. Oh my gosh that cover up is sooo cute!

  2. LOVE the simplicity of this - perfect for anything this weekend! And cute! What great thinking :)


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