Thursday, 14 June 2012

Its OK Thursday

Hey lovely people. Quick post today and totally justifying myself in this one. Well then 


....that I picked petty fights with my b/f this week and am truly sorry.
....that I have been feeling miserable but am trying to feel better.
....that I have not had a decent meal this week. Been so busy.
....that I blame hormones for my miserable mood this week.
....that I want a whole day of sleep and idling around.
....that when I cam home last night and I found it flooded, I immediately started crying.
....that I want to move to another house as soon as possible.
....that I have totally been an absentee blogger since last week. want something more from this life, something that I have not yet found but I know I will. be thankful for the little I have.
.....that tomorrow will be a better day!!!

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. I've been miserable all week too and I am using the same excuse! Being a girl sucks sometimes!

  2. Oh dear, hope things will get better!


Thanks for the Love