Wednesday, 18 July 2012

PMS - What's a Girl to Do??

I cannot believe that I am writing about this today. But, that's the fun of blogging, right? You get to talk about anything and everything. So lets do this!!
Premenstrual syndrome, that's what they call it but to most of us women, it is just PMS.

The sound of it even makes us cringe. But, its inevitable. Most if not all women experience PMS a few days before the period (oh, thats something else). Some months, it is non-existent but others, it is extreme. I have had my fair share of the same and thus the reason behind this post.My symptoms:
1. Craziness. I do crazy stuff. Like walk in front of a moving car while looking in the opposite direction. #truestory, almost got hit yesterday.
2. Clumsiness. The plates and cups seem to fall uncontrollably.
3. Mood swings. (This is the big one.) The day's emotions go like: happy, happy, sad, very sad, happy, very happy, teary, smile, screaming, joy, anger, I wonna hit someone, happy......and the list continues.
4. Irritable. Say anything and am irritated. Don't say anything and am still irritated.
5. Bloated stomach, full of gas. Two words, it sucks.
6. Headache. What is the connection between my period and my head??? Researchers should answer this question!
7. Tiredness. No, its more like fatigue.
8. Loss of appetite. Food tastes really bad. But, I could eat cake all day, but then I would get extremely fat!!
9. Too much sleep. Last night I slept for over 11 hours straight.
10. The body aches in every part and I lose interest in things that are usually interesting.

OK, I could go on but I wont because I know all the women out there understand what am saying. So, now lets look at what I do to ease these symptoms and sometimes even bring a smile to my face:

1. Rest. By rest I mean Sleep. A lot of it. If I get the chance, then I sleep and I forget all about the world and all its operations.
2. Wine or any alcohol. Just a lot little. To cheer me up. Sorry people, a girls gotta do what she gotta do! Did I just say that???
3. Watch funny movies. Since my attention span is like that of a chicken during this time, I like something that will make me smile. E.g, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. I avoid things such as The Bachelorette since they are too emotional and I might end up sobbing!!!
4. Take a walk. A short one and through places I love. Cool, quiet places.
5. Blogging, Pinterest, Twitter. (Sometime, not always)
6. Hugs. Lots of them from b/f. Makes me feel safe and taken care of.
I hope we can talk more about this topic and help each other where possible. This will make PMS more bearable for us  women and especially for the girls who are just entering puberty!
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  1. Ah yes... I've had those weeks. It's fun being a girl, eh?

  2. Yeah, I have those days when nothing sounds good to eat unless it's wrapped in chocolate. They give me meds for that, but I also like to crank up loud, aggressive music to get the feels out. And Beyonce. "Ring the Alarm."

  3. For me PMS means my husband brings home chocolate because he loves me. Very funny post! I am stopping by from the hop, have a great day!

    1. I tried posting but for some reason i could not. the little cute kitty was in the way i believe so i just placed my comment under a reply.
      love the entire pics.

  4. This is great! I laughed so hard!
    AND, the reason alot of women get headaches during this time is a major drop in progesterone before/during the period. I'm pasting an article that explains hormonal headaches:) -Http://

  5. BAHAHAHA! I totally relate to the mood swings one. I have NO idea what my mood is going to be like when I am on my period. It gets real old real quick. Found your blog through Living in Yellow. So glad I did- I'm exited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  6. bahahahahahah this is great :)

  7. This was very interesting, but you can try thing i did to cure my PMS ..
    Cut down on caffeine, alcohol, red meat
    Do not skip meals.
    Using natural remedies like Chaste Tree Berry, Dandelion root, Black Cohosh
    Using essential oils like Evening Primrose oil, lavender, Calary sage. Thanks @Lisa
    Premenstrual Symptoms


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