Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Current Crush: Maxi Dresses

If you really knew me, then you would know that am super short. Yes, I am and am proud of it!!However, the problem with my height is that wearing long dresses or skirts is kinda difficult. 
Problem no. 1: Finding my size is total mayhem
Problem no. 2: I look weird in long, flowy kind of clothing
Problem no. 3: Because am also kind of skinny, I get lost in these kinds of clothing. For real, it looks like the dress is walking with no-one inside!!{ghosts!!}And then people start running and screaming. (digression)
Anyhow, blogging has given me the platform to search and swoon for amazing clothes that I would never rarely wear in real life. I believe, this is the first step in finding the courage to wear these clothes, for reals. 
In this breath, I would like to introduce to my latest finds and crushes over at Polyvore. 
Drum roll please.........{The Maxi Dresses}
I love each and one of these. But my absolute fav is the second on the bottom row. I also discovered that I prefer patterned/flowered maxis as opposed to solid colored ones. I told ya, blogging has helped me discover who I "really" am. Tell me people, do you wear maxi dresses!
Which ones do you like in this set????
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  1. I am loving that second and third one on the top row! I tend to avoid maxis cause I'm short (even though I love them so much). I was so happy when I found a maxi skirt at the Gap recently that was actually the right height for me!

  2. Oh Maxi's!! I love them! I love the first one!! Adorable!

  3. Maxis are my favorite! Love the purple, blue & pink one!

  4. So beautiful maxi dresses, I like the fifth so much, thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for your share! It's very useful to me. my blog


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