Monday, 13 August 2012

Sales & Marketing is Hard: A Weekend Update

I swear, that title is not meant to scare anyone. I just had to say it out loud since it is kind of what I experienced. My weekend was one busy one. I enjoyed it anyways and also learnt some lessons that I never expected to ever learn.
Lesson learnt:
Sales and marketing is hard. very hard. On Friday and Saturday, I was helping out a friend who was organizing an event by handing out flyers to people in my town. This experience made me respect all those people who go out there with a product aiming to sell it.
Approaching people and just giving them flyers seemed like an easy task. But, then started the weird looks, the people who didn't even want to look at me, the ones who assumed that I was trying to sell them something and wanted nothing to do with me and the most weird ones, who wanted my number (like really weird guys hitting on me). It was interesting though and there were some nice people, who would kindly take the flyers, inquire about the event and make me feel comfortable with what I was doing. I smiled a lot, talked a lot and just let myself be vulnerable. This was a good lesson for me and I have a new respect for salespersons.

On Saturday, I also did laundry and some cleaning in the house. I always feel some kind of laziness before I start cleaning but after am through, I always feel so much better. It feels like I have accomplished something. And I appreciate myself for that.

Sunday, I slept in and woke up at around 11 am. I love Sundays because I get to relax and rest. That is mostly the reason why I try to get all my weekend cleaning done on Saturday. Oh, and I also watched The Hunger Games and I loved it.
And to finish it all up, I love this dog. Super cute and very playful, always makes my day.
Wishing you a lovely week!!


  1. Your dog looks so sweet!!
    I'm just the same with cleaning - hate the idea of it, but get so into it once I finally get off my butt to do it!!

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  3. That is a super cute dog! I've never seen a dog who looked like that.

  4. i read the hunger games but havnt seen the movie yet, i cant wait to watch it!!

  5. Looks like such a fun weekend! Such a cute dog! Happy Monday!


  6. I'm glad you liked hunger games, it is definitely an awesome movie and an even better book :) Sounds like your weekend was fun

    Stop by and say hi sometime dear!

  7. OMG your pup is so freakin cute!!!!! LOL
    New follower via Crazy Mama's Blog hop! Hope you can follow back too!!!


  8. What a cutie that dog is! I think it is indeed hard to go out in public and interact with people. You just never know how people are going to react. You're a wonderful friend for helping your friend out!

  9. I didn't realize The Hunger Games was already out! I gotta watch it again!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  10. I'm excited to watch the Hunger Games!!I'm following you from the Return the Favor Hop. Stop by when you can and be sure to enter my giveaway! ;)
    xo sandra


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