Monday, 1 October 2012

Am having Teenage Problems + some Kikuyu Culture

We need to get something straight before we even start this 25. Right?
Did we get that right?? In fact, I consider myself quite mature and progressive about life but am kinda having some teenage problems. But first, the weekend update...
So, this weekend was pretty fun and pretty busy but also pretty nice.
Lets just say it was pretty.
As a matter of fact, it started on Friday evening.
Hubz cousin 9my cousin in law was having her dowry ceremony ('uthoni' in Kikuyu culture) on Saturday and I had to be there for her.
So, I packed my bags and went to her house on Friday evening. 
Saturday was a beehive of activity. Lots of cooking and cleaning as we expected more than 100 guests.
It was a fun day really.
For those who don't understand, let me just break it down for you a little.
[In the Kikuyu culture,actually in most African cultures, when a girl finds a husband or decides to get married/cohabit, her b/f/fiancee must go to her parents home together with his parents to officially meet her side of the family. If the girl is already living the boyfriend or is pregnant, there is also a discussion about that. In addition to that, there is dowry given to the girl's family as agreed by the two families. There is also fun, lots of eating and partying.]
Hope that helps. Moving on to my teenage problems...
You know how I have said many times on this blog that am tiny??? My problems are related to that.
Am short, like 5'0' that too short??And am also kinda skinny, just kinda.
Anyway, some boys decided to confuse me with a high-school student and started hitting on me! Like seriously??
And I don't mean, 'boys' in a nice way, like really young teenage boys.....
It sometimes drives me crazy but it is also a source of laughter between me and hubz. He thinks its hilarious since some of them even approach him asking for help on how they can get me. Shock on them. 
Anyway, just asking, what do you do in such a situation??
Flirt with the boy and give him crazy signs while laughing it off with hubby OR tell him off outright and make it clear that you are a mature, married woman with no intentions of having a teenage boy toy???
Tell me people, I need help....   Or should I just eat myself fat and grow big so that people stop confusing me with schoolgirls?? Consider that I have already accepted the fact that I will never grow tall...


  1. Haha - oh girl you are too cute! I say flirt then laugh with hubby :)


  2. Too funny. How about something in the middle like "no thank you, I'm married":-) Love your blog, I'm your newest follower...

  3. I don't know quite the answer to your problem, but let me relate this story to you about my parents. My mom is 5'1" and my dad is close to 6' tall. Plus when they married at ages 21 and 22, my mom was 88 lbs. So very very petite. She says that people accused her of being a child and thought my dad was somehow "robbing the cradle" as we say here. Very awkward times. I don't know if guys hit on her, but my dad sure was joked on for choosing someone "so young!" lol

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