Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Hobbies: Crocheting

I think am going crazy. I have these ideas floating in my head that I never get to implement.
There are things that I like doing or at-least think I like but never get to do them.
I don't know why but the start of something is usually a hassle for me. 
I find it hard to start something. I might want it so bad but unless I push myself or someone else pushes me, I might never start.
So, here I am with a new idea. Something that I have always admired from afar, especially from other bloggers. Crocheting. Is it weird that I think it is awesome. I mean you can crochet a whole dress or some cutesy little things......aaaaawwww. This idea made me realize that am totally like my mother...she used to crochet and knit things, a whole lot of beautiful things. I even have a sweater that she knitted for me long ago and I still wear it (She thought I would grow tall!lol!)
I think people who crochet or those who DIY in general are awesome. And, I really want to join this awesome crew. I hope I can do it. 
I don't even know where I can buy a crochet in this town let alone yarn. But, I promise I will find out and watch some tutorials and eventually start.......
Any tips?????Please help where you can. Any and all advice on starting DIY projects will be highly appreciated. 
On that note, let us enjoy some of the crochet pins I have been pinning obsessively...
Source: via Millie on Pinterest
Source: via Millie on Pinterest
Source: via Millie on Pinterest

And last but not least

Pure awesomeness!!Now lets see if I can do this....


  1. Those baby hats really are too cute!


  2. I cant crochet to save my life but i admire people who can and these pics r gorgeous! Following u from the followerstofriends blog hop. Im at :)

  3. aww those baby stuff are so cute! immersing yourself into a new hobby would be great! so i'd say go for it!!! ❤ :-)

  4. wow, these are so fun! i wish i was coordinated enough to crochet, but i definitely appreciate those that can!

    have a lovely day!
    xo, sarah grace

  5. I'm already so excited for you. I am a crocheter and have been since I was 12 or 13. I really do enjoy it and highly recommend it. When I first learned, I learned to make the "granny square" that you see in many afghans or blankets. I also learned by watching. Now I read patterns and go from there.

    Youtube is a wonderful place to start because you can see frame-by-frame what you should be doing. Plus you can always pause it.

    If you want, I will gladly gift you some yarn and hooks from my stash. Just let me know. :-)


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